Another Global Warming thread...But this time it's bad...

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Apr 18, 2009.

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    It's really getting hotter guys..

    KUSA - A strong spring storm will continue to move over Colorado on Saturday. Heavy, wet snow is expected for many areas with the most significant accumulation in the foothills and down near Monument Hill.

    Heavy snow in the Front Range Mountains and Foothills had already piled up to nearly 3 and a half feet by Friday evening. The rain/snow mix in the Denver area made for a wide variety of weather conditions across the area during the day that included periods of thundersnow.

    The areas that have seen rain are expected to have the precipitation turn to all snow into early and late Saturday morning.


    Storm total snow forecast by noon Saturday:

    There will be considerable melting and compaction of the snowfall so even though this much will fall, it may not ever pile up this high.

    Central metro Denver: 10 to 20 inches, heaviest southern and western suburbs

    Foothills Above 6,000 feet: 24 to 36 inches

    Douglas/Elbert Counties: 12 to 24 inches

    Greeley/Southern Weld County: 3 to 6 inches

    Fort Collins/Loveland/Northern Weld County: 4 to 8 inches

    Greeley and Fort Collins will have siginificantly less snowfall than the Denver area so they will be under a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY until noon Saturday.

    Most of southern Wyoming, including the Interstate 80 corridor, is also under a warning through Saturday at noon.

    9NEWS Meteorologist Marty Coniglio says the precipitation in the Denver area that was rain for much of the day has switched to snow for Friday night and early Saturday morning. With the relatively warm temperatures and areas of rain metro area roadways should be mainly wet with just a few areas of slush in the afternoon and into the evening Saturday so driving should not be a problem by late in the day.

    On the Eastern Plains, areas of wet snow are possible with a couple of inches of wet snow accumulation possible mainly on unpaved areas.

    For the high country, a WINTER STORM WARNING continues until Saturday morning for most central mountain areas west of Vail Pass to the northern mountains around Rabbit Ears Pass. These areas will see at least 8 to 16 inches of total snow accumulation.

    A WINTER STORM WARNING is also in effect for mountain areas east of Vail Pass including the mountains of Summit County, Winter Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. These areas could see a total of 1 to 2 feet of snow.

    For Colorado Springs and the southern I-25 corridor, a total of 1 to 2 feet of new snow is possible for mountain areas and 6 inches or more could potentially fall over the adjacent plains.

    Due to the storm system, United Airlines has issued a travel waiver to people who have flights on Friday or Saturday out of Colorado.

    Frontier Airlines is also urging people to make sure and check the status of their flights ahead of time.

    For more information on flights out at Denver International Airport, you can visit

    Xcel Energy was busy Friday responding to storm-related outages. At one point some 2,700 homes were without power in the Evergreen, Conifer and Kittridge area.

    IREA also says it has dealt with sporadic outages in the Conifer area.

    At the CDOT operations center in Golden, crews worked all day on Friday to try and keep traffic across the state on the move. It has all 74 plows trying to keep ahead of the storm.
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    I see-- global warming means the Rockies will never, ever see a spring blizzard again...

    Do you even realize how idiotic this thread is, cajun??
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    Does the anti-global warming crowd think that temperature rises are supposed to happen in a couple years?

    Global warming is real. So is global cooling.

    Long history of warm and cold periods.

    The question people are asking now is how much are human activities influencing the speed of those changes, if at all.

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    It's having an effect. An insignificant one, but it is having an effect. I'd say that it isn't even worth mentioning. Yet too many people are using it for their agendas. Scientific funding for research, and urgency related to environmental change, just to name a few.

    If the fear factor gets chicken little to do whats necessary (environmental change), then I would say that........"The sky is falling!!!!!" :)
  5. MetalHead

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    Is it man made?
  6. iceberg

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    about as idiotic as people saying mankind is killing the planet and beaches will be underwater soon and WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!

    when you get extreme, people get extreme back at you.
  7. iceberg

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    well given it's done it since BEFORE there was mankind, i'd say we don't have a huge affect. none of this means we SHOULDN'T pay attention to our environment, but we need the extremists to stop the full court press of guilt and lies and see the problems for what they are, not what they want them to be so they can FINALLY be right on the cry wolf run.
  8. Cajuncowboy

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    No what's idiotic is the doom and gloom you people keep spouting about this.

    The point of the thread is that there will be snow, always will be snow.

    There will be heat, always will be heat.

    It's called weather. And man didn't make weather and we aren't changing it.

    It's done on it's own.

    The idiot people on the global warming thing are funny and no one takes them seriously except for the lunatics who believe this trash.

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