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    This one has us taking Tuck and Rogers...

    2005 NFL Mock Draft
    By: Robert Davis | Updated: 2/08/2005

    San Francisco Aaron Rodgers, QB, Cal
    --I finally give in and put Rodgers #1. For the record, I don’t think SF ends up picking #1, and I do not think Rodgers is worth the #1 pick, but it makes the mock much smoother to slide him in to the 9ers.

    Miami Cedric Benson, RB, Texas
    --They need a lot of help on offense, and Benson is the workhorse they need in the backfield.

    Cleveland Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami
    --Romeo Crennell has been brought in to upgrade the defense, and he takes the standout corner from Miami.

    Chicago Mike Williams, WR, USC
    --Could be the best player in the draft, and Rex Grossman needs a goto receiver.

    Tampa Bay Cadillac Williams, RB, Auburn
    --Gruden fell in love with him at the Senior Bowl, and Tampa needs a feature back.

    Tennessee Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas
    --The Titans may move up for Johnson in the real thing, but would love for him to fall to #6.

    Oakland Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn
    --The Raiders need an everydown back and Ronnie is the best in my opinion. His all around ability will make him a major threat from day 1.

    Arizona Alex Smith, QB, Utah
    --Dennis Green needs a QB to get the ball to his receiving weapons. Smith is arguably the best QB in the draft.

    Washington Justin Miller, CB, Clemson
    --With Fred Smoot being a FA, the Skins may just choose to take a better talent in the draft, and spend the money in FA on the offense.

    Detroit Shawne Merriman, DE, Maryland
    --Merriman would be an absolute terror off the edge on the turf in Detroit. Think Dwight Freeney in Indy.

    Dallas Justin Tuck, DE, Notre Dame
    --Parcells is known for drafting a player to play the elephant role in the past when he’s selected John Abraham and Willie McGinest. Tuck is in the exact same mold.

    San Diego (from NYG) Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan
    --San Diego may look elsewhere, but a talent like Edwards at the WR position is too good to pass up.

    Houston Marcus Spears, DL, LSU
    --Spears would be a great fit as a 34 end, and the Texans get the best DT in the draft.

    Carolina Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma
    --Brown would team with Gross to be an excellent young tackle tandem.

    Kansas City Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin
    --The Chiefs take the best pass rusher left on the board to help with their poor defense.

    New Orleans Kevin Burnett, LB, Tennessee
    --The Saints reach for a linebacker because it’s their biggest need. Burnett could rise up the draft boards with his outstanding speed.

    Cincinnati Pac Man Jones, CB, West Virginia
    --The Bengals have looked for a big time corner for awhile, and they finally land one when Pac Man slides a bit on draft day.

    Minnesota Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin
    --With Hovan a lock to leave via FA, the Vikings must address the defensive tackle position early in the draft.

    St. Louis Alex Barron, OT, Florida St.
    --Barron is impressive in pass protection, but his lack of all around skills push him down the board. With Rams are thankful a pass protector like him falls to give Bulger more time to throw.

    Dallas (from Buffalo) Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn
    --The Cowboys got their sack man earlier, now they take the physical cover man with their second pick. They need a corner opposite Newman, and Rogers’ skills compliment him very well.

    Jacksonville Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma
    --Jax needs a DE badly, and Cody brings big time pass rush ability, and an attitude Jack Del Rio will love.

    Baltimore Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma
    --Everyone knows the Ravens want a WR, and they take the speedy Clayton, who was the most impressive offensive player all week in Mobile.

    Seattle Channing Crowder, LB, Florida
    --The Seahawks need a lot of help at linebacker, and the talented sophomore is a nice fit.

    Green Bay Shaun Cody, DE, USC
    --Cody is a very good pass rusher, but his size and ability to hold at the point is a great compliment to Gbaja Biamila on the other side.

    Denver Travis Johnson, DT, Florida St.
    --Denver could use some help up the gut on the defensive line, and Johnson is the best left on the board.

    New York Jets Heath Miller, TE, Virginia
    --I just can’t find a spot earlier for Miller, and is a steal this late. The Jets let Anthony Becht go and replace him with a much better player.

    Atlanta Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington
    --Michael Vick needs someone to keep the pressure off him, and Barnes’ upside as a pass blocker is second to none.

    San Diego Adam Terry, OT, Syracuse
    --The Chargers need some tackle help, and Terry has taken advantage of the weak tackle crop by sneaking into the first round.

    Indianapolis Mike Patterson, DT, USC
    --The Colts D is based on penetration and getting to the QB. There may not be a better DT in the draft at getting upfield than Patterson. He is a tad undersized, but with his motor and toughness, he makes up for it.

    Pittsburgh Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina
    --With Burress possibly leaving via FA, the Steelers go with a much cheaper alternative.

    Philadelphia Elton Brown, G, Virginia
    --New England exposed a hole up front as they blitzed up the gut and got pressure on McNabb. Brown is a steal this late and the Eagles would be very happy to see him still on the board.

    New England Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan
    --The Champs have won it again, even with a make shift secondary. A player like Jackson who has experience at corner and safety would fill a big need, and could fill in at both spots in a pinch.
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    If we draft Justin Tuck with the 11th pick I will f'in blow something up. :mad:

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    Yeah #11 is way too high for Tuck who looks like a 2nd rounder at this point, prior to the combine.
    Also, I sure wish we could ban all mock drafts from showing us taking a corner in the 1st round. Maybe after we get Lucas in free agency that will stop :cool: and we can have some interesting mocks to look at.
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    I'm with you there. That was a horrible mock draft. :banghead:
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    Who did that mock, some five year old? OMG! That is without a doubt THE worst mock I have ever seen!!

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Yep, and I'll start with Robert Davis for even putting the idea forth.
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    That's all. just no.
  8. Oh_Canada

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    8,335 Messages
    2,287 Likes Received one should resort blowing things up just yet.... because if Tuck tears it up at the combine I could easily see him moving into the mid-teens.
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    I am throwing up right now. That was the WORST mock draft I have ever seen in my life! The guys who did that mock were probably drunk when they were making it. :ralph:
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    Not to worry. If we take DE at 11, it will be Marcus Spears.

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