Another OL thread, but something that has not been said:

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Crown Royal, Sep 11, 2006.

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    First of all...Gurode was absolutely a beast against Stroud. I was very impressed with his pllay. I will go so far to say that Gurode is FINALLY arriving to the player we drafted.

    Also - our guards looked really good. Rivera had some mistakes, but,as someone noted, he was giving a lot of help to Columbo. I am referring to the guards on this.

    I bring this up to note something - we all know that Bledsoe is vulnerable up the middle, right? That all teams just HAVE to rush him from the inside.

    But not in this game - all this perceived pressure came from the edges, with Flo and Columbo.

    Now combine these two and note that good QBs have great feet in the pocket and MOVE INTO IT TO AVOID PRESSURE.

    When your interior lineman provide the protection he go, Bledsoe has NO REASON NOT TO STEP UP INTO THE POCKET. How many times was he rushed yesterday from the edges, but didn't even take a step forward to allow the tackles to box out behind the pocket?

    And herein lies Bledsoe's issue. He has absolutely no footwork. He drops back and waits. At least Vinny knew how to move in the pocket. Bledsoe doesn't even move as hit tackle is hitting him.

    OL gets a pass.
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    Bledsoe had more than enough protection and a lot more protection than a lot of other teams who will have to face the Jaguars defense will get.

    This week we will face a team who is going to blitz all night. Its going to be interesting to see how they do.

    Also yesterday one thing I noticed is Marion Barber has to be better in blitz pickups.
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    That's a big part of the reason why Barber is in the 3rd down package.
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    I thought the 2 TD set was supposed to enhance the OL protection as well as allow for dump offs if need be. Last year it took awhile but they finally got Witten more involved in the game and they need to do so more this year even if it was only one game.

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