Another set of comments on Texans game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Fla Cowpoke, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Yeah, Gurode is a little slow getting to anyone except the man in front of him. Johnson is very good at pulling and I really didn't see him getting blown up by anyone. Not sure how good the interior of the Texans line is.

    The screens. They just kill me. I think we are the worst I have ever seen. It might be the lack of mobility by some of our OL. We also do not do a good job of holding our blocks long enough to get the defense committed upfield. On several of the screens their DL flattened out in pursuit long before Bledsoe threw the ball.

    Julius needs a LOT of work as a pass catcher. He seems very mechanical at it. That is why Barber or even the A-Train might get a fair amount of third down work.

    In Carr's defense, he was on the move. I don't think he floated it really. Johnson didn't have anywhere to go...I can't really blame it on him. He was fairly deep into the endzone, not far from the end line.
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    I also agree that I feel comfortable with Romo if Drew goes down. Heck, if Drew gets pulled I feel comfortable with Romo (lol). He looks completely confident out there. Confidence goes a long way. If you play tentative and scared, that's what you'll get. Happy to learn after the fact that he told Thompson to suck it up because BP is testing him. One more for Romo's leadership skills.
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    Romo has shown me something this preseason. I don't think he's ready to take a team to the SB or anything but he seems to be doing fine.
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    I must have seen a different game than everyone else. When I heard all the positive reviews on Saturday night, I thought I would see the Cowboys dominate. When I saw the game on Sunday I saw a 1st team offense that looked sluggissh and defeated. If the offensive line can not play better than that, there is no way this team wins more than 6 games. The O had 1 nice drive the enitre first half and no successfull third down attempts. The defense look good in terms of making big hits but they were also giving up a lot of plays. If not for some flags, the 1st half score would have been much different(in the other direction).

    To listen to a lot of the calls on this, you would think the Cowboys were in midseason form. Right now, this team looks a lot more like last years team than a Contender. I certainly expect them to be much improved, but they still have a ways to go. I completely understand Parcell's pessimism on the team at this point.
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    You are mostly right on your assessment. My feelings are, as long as the games don't count yet, it's just practice. I also know that this is a new defense, a new QB and a new right side O-line. Last but not least, BP is a paranoid, gloom & doom dictator. I trust that he will do everything in his power to win games. That's all I ask. :starspin

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