Another sorry excuse for a parent

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, May 19, 2004.

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    The father just left her with a stranger and never came back? I want to strangle parents that do these things. :mad:


    Officials issue appeal to ID abandoned girl
    'I want my mommy'

    BALTIMORE, Maryland (AP) -- Authorities appealed to the public to identify an abandoned 3-year-old girl who says her name is Courtney, she's from Brooklyn and she wants her mommy.

    The little girl was found May 5 when the father dropped her off with a stranger at an unknown location in Baltimore, Sue Fitzsimmons, a spokeswoman for the city Department of Social Services, said Monday. He said he was leaving to cash a money order, but he never returned and the stranger called police.

    The child told authorities she is from Brooklyn, New York. She said she and her father had been living in a Baltimore warehouse.

    The girl has been in foster care since she was found.

    Fitzsimmons said Monday that if Courtney's relatives do not come forward to claim her, she will be permanently placed with a family in Baltimore.

    "We want to do everything we can to find out who she is," Fitzsimmons said. "We hope someone is looking for her."

    In New York, police Sgt. Kevin Hays said Wednesday that the NYPD had no leads at this time on the girl's identity. He said Baltimore authorities continued to investigate.

    At Monday's news conference, Courtney played with toys and posed for pictures wearing a black-and-white summer outfit, her hair in neat cornrows.

    When a reporter asked her a question, she wept and said: "I want my mommy."

    With that, Fitzsimmons picked her up, and the news conference ended. The girl was also featured Wednesday on NBC's "Today."
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    :mad: Crap like that REALLY pisses me off. She'll probably feel unwanted and unloved for years, and she may turn to prostitution when she gets older to try to feel accepted by men.
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    The father should be beat with a stick for doing something like that ... and Lord only knows what the mother's role in all this is. You have a seemingly well adjusted child who's about to be scarred for life. :mad:

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