Another Thought On First Selection.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Chuck 54

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    First, I'm assuming the Cowboys will try to sign someone for OT in free agency. I don't believe they'll draft an OT and plan to start him this year.

    Flozell Adams should be back at LT, and he better be since he's making some nice coin. That leaves Pettitti, Tucker, and the other OT's we signed during the season as guys who could potentially improve and hold down the spot in a pinch. Now...if we do indeed sign a FA OT, even a guy who is merely below average with starting experience, we still stand to be improved.

    I believe the top draft pick has to be spent on a LB, OL, S, WR or QB. We all assume Parcells will never invest that pick on a QB. After Huff, I can't believe for a second we'd use a top pick on S...and Huff won't be there. I for one don't believe the LB's warrant that high a pick. I know there are lots of fans on the Carpenter bandwagon, but in the first round of the draft, especially in the region of that #18 pick, I like to get the top guy at a postion...the 2nd best guy at a position if the top guy went up in the elite 4-5....I don't get excited about taking the 2nd best LB on the Ohio State team who finished the year injured...sorry....I think it's more likely that Carpenter ends up at the bottom of round 1 or even in round 2.

    I also don't see us taking an OT in round 1 just to see him on the bench this year or struggling as rookie OTs do unless they are the elite player like D'Brickshaw while I'm the biggest of USC homers, I don't see us using the top pick on Winston.

    Here's a plan I'd be very happy with: I'd like to see us sign an OT in free agency...add another guy who might start at FS...sign 1 significant LB.

    Then I'd like to see us drop a few slots only in round 1 and draft USC OG, Taitusi Lutui, the best OG in the draft and a huge, athletic man who never let a fairly popular name DT from Texas ever see our backfield and who is a real road paver in the running game...I'll also add that he started at RT for the Trojans one year before moving to LG. This guy will start for many many years in the NFL and possibly be close to the type of OG Larry Allen has been....just my opinion.

    Then I'd draft WR's and LB's the rest of day 1.

    Taitusi Lutui....remember that name. I have much more confidence in him in round 1 than I do in Carpenter or Moss.
  2. Cbz40

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    As always Wayne a very well thought out post which make alot of sense. Being UT homer it is very difficult to admit it, but!!! "Yes" Taitusi Lutui gave Rodrique Wright DT, Texas fits all night.:)
  3. Chuck 54

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    Thanks for dropping the UT name, CB...can't believe I couldn't draw it up from the old well. I have no doubt that Lutui could play right away...and I don't think it's a stretch to think he'd be a better RT than Pettitti.

    I doubt LA could play LT anymore, but I wonder if he could play RT with Latui stepping in at LG?

    Bottom line is if LA has dropped so far that he couldn't beat out Pettitti, Tucker, and Rogers, I think I'd cut him and his salary anyway...
  4. speedkilz88

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    Kevin Hardy was the big name LB over teammate Simeon Rice.

    Darrin Smith was drafted by Jimmy over teammates Michael Barrow and Jesse Armstead.

    A good player is a good player, you can't compare them to much especially when they have different responsibilities.
  5. Cbz40

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    Although we are probably going to be racked over the coals :D ...I agree w/your statement concerning LA. I would hope he could play RT it could add another season or two before he has to hang it up. It's very difficult to say goodby to great players but there will be a day when it"s inevitable.

    I see that Lutui (OG) is ranked as high as 2nd in several positional ranking charts. From what I saw in the Rose Bowl I think he could, at the very least, be starting by mid season if not coming out of TC. Needless to say I was very impressed in the way he handled Wright a very fine DT.
  6. Clove

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    I think Gilles is the best guard.
  7. Billy Bullocks

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    Lilles would not be a bad selection. Even if Rivera rebounds next year, and Allen gives us at least 1 more year after this, where does this leave us in the future. We have 2 aging guards. It's a position that needs addressing, regardless of weather or not Peterman is doing well or not. We're going to need 2 guards soon.

    I'm also not opposed to taking a WR or an OLB with our 1st pick. I do not agree with people who htink we are drafting a tackle. Most of the guys who are being suggested for the tackle spots are LT's. FLOZELL IS OUR LT. PERIOD.
  8. Sasquatch

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    Sounds like a very good plan. Call Jerry immediately.
  9. Dayton Cowboy

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    Lutui is a name I know.. I think you are correct that he'll be a player at the NFL level.. I will however be curious to see how Carpenter looks at the combine and/or OSU's Pro Day. From what I remember it was a game time decision on whether he played against Notre Dame in the bowl game. So I think he'll be ready to go for at least the pro day.. So I'll wait to reserve judgement on Carpenter til after those two dates. But right now, I am on the Carpenter bandwagon. I may have to re-evaluate after we find out how the injury is healing though.
  10. david_jackson

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    Larry's seems to be his much talked about difficulty in playing in space/locking onto players. That said at this stage in is career he would get abused at either takle spot. We can debate if he is worth his current salary at guard, but that is another issue.

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