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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BTX, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Dash28

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    An example of that?

    Just watch the games, it's occurred multiple times. Ware needs more help getting after the qb. I'm not in the group that labels Spencer as a JAG but we need a much better pass rusher opposite Ware and strengthen the trenches.
  2. lane

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    ellis easily

    but his whining got old.
  3. RS12

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    Negative. Cheeseburger for the price of filet and lobster.
  4. FLcowboy

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    There are greater draft needs on this team than drafting a replacement for a decent player who is pretty dependable.
  5. junk

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    If the team drafted Moore, which I would love, I suspect it would be to take Spencer's place.
  6. TVMan

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    Ware and Spencer have 12 combined sacks thus far. The only "34" with more is Arizona with 15 by three players. So...?

    Spencer does his job in Ryan's scheme quite well. We've already seen what happened when he was out.

  7. big dog cowboy

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    On the other hand, we could draft his replacement and spend the money on a quality OL in free agency. Either way you look at it you have to make up your mind which direction you want to go when free agency starts.
  8. burmafrd

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    Cap space will be at a premium the next few years since all signs show it will not be going up much if at all.

    We cannot afford Spencer. Simple as that.
  9. D29Murray

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    For those interested in PFF numbers for 3-4 OLBs.

    3rd ranked in the league +9.0 ... Better than Ware (5th, +7.7).

    178 pass rushing snaps (341 total snaps), generating 15 total pressures (sacks, hits, hurries). So pressuring QBs 11.7% of the time... Good for 5th in the league.

    He's only rushing the passer 52% of the time.

    The number one rated run stopping OLB... 136 run snaps, 17 tackles, 4 assists, 1 missed tackle, 16 stops with a stop percentage of 11.8% (next best is 9.8%).

    4th rated tackler against the pass, 1st rated tackler against the run.

    7th best in coverage: 76 snaps, 7 targets, 4 receptions for 38 yards. 15 yards after catch. 1 TD, 0 INTs.
  10. The Realist

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    I would draft 2 OLB's and one 3-4 DE with some rush ability in this draft. I say that because when the Cowboys have been successful fixing a need they didn't just stop at adding one guy at a position. In the Ware draft we added him, Spears, KB, Canty, Ratliff in front 7 which was a major upgrade. Then we added Hatcher shortly thereafter. This year we needed CB help so we added top FA and top CB in draft on top of Jenkins/Scandrick. We've used a similar approach at RB as well.
  11. Dodger

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    Sure, I'd be fine with replacing Spencer...if you can find someone who's better. Thing is, his production isn't all that easy to replace. People think it is, but it's not.

    His skill against the run should be, by know, pretty much unquestionable. But go look at all the OLBs in the league who play on the strong side...not the weak side. Of course he's not going to compare favorably with the likes of Ware and Matthews. Compare him to other players playing the strong side.

    Right now there are only 2 players who have more sack production than Spencer at LOLB: Justin Houston and Ahmad Brooks...out of 12 teams that run a 3-4 defense.

    So again, if you can find someone better, go for it, but it's not as easy as people make it out to be.
  12. Hoofbite

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    I dunno. I think there are more than that. PFF has these guys rushing mostly from the left with more sacks.

    Shaun Phillips
    O'Brian Schofield
    Ryan Kerrigan
    Robert Mathis
  13. junk

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    I'd be fine bringing Spencer back for the deal Ahmad Brooks got.
  14. Dodger

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    Uh....yep...that's what happens when I'm in a hurry, though I thought Mathis played on the weak side. Still, all but one, Mathis, has about the same number of sacks as Spencer, maybe a half to one full sack more.
  15. Hoofbite

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    Sure. But if you go down a half to 1 full sack from Spencer then you start including a whole bunch of names on list.
  16. CaptainMorgan

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    We also need younger. This team needs to really go into rebuild mode. I dont see the players on this roster competing for a lombardi.
  17. WoodysGirl

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    I think we're already in rebuilding mode and have been for the last two years. :cool:

    There's some age on the DL, but this roster is loaded with players that have been in the league less than 5 years.
  18. Bigdog24

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    The Cowboys just cant give DWARE type money for an average to occasionally good OLB. Spencer is average at best 80% of the time. If its a cap friendly deal I say lets keep him, and focus on other needs in the draft.

    But if Spencer wants to test the market, let him jump. Yet, in the end we all no Jerry will give Spencer some crazy 100mil contract for the good of the franchise.......LOL

    Its time for the GM Jerry Jones to make a stand and FIX this pathetic team and FIX it NOW...
  19. CaptainMorgan

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    youre right, but out of all these young guys which ones are keepers?

    On offense besides Smith, who is the future? Murray cant stay healthy, Dez and Miles are just blatantly overrated. Its really not looking good at all.

    We can build off the young players we have on defense we just desperately need to improve the line and add depth. Its the offense that is going to likely need to be blown up and started over on. We need to figure out how to pull off another "great train robbery" and stockpile draft picks.
  20. Verdict

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    This is a lose/lose situation for the Cowboys. If they let him go, then there will likely be some dropoff in talent, which creates a hole. If they pay him, it will cost an arm and a leg to keep a player who won't perform up to the contract it will take to keep him. I think the latter is worse. You go with the lesser of two evils, let him get overpaid, get a comp pick for him (hopefully) and do your best to replace him in the draft or from what you have on the roster.

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