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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BTX, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Well, if you let him go, I think you almost have to use the first pick next year to replace him, hopefully with someone who can do most of what he already does but also give you more ability in rushing the passer. And they better hit on that pick too, otherwise, yeah, that's going to be a gaping hole all year long.
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    The guys I would consider young stud building blocks.....

    Offense - Tyron

    Defense - Lee, Carter, Claiborne.

    I just can't put Murray in there. He's been too quickly crowned. He's a nice back but with durability issues. Dez is an all world talent, he should be on this list, but he's just not capable mentally.

    I'd definitely say our young core needs more work than most are willing to admit. Who is our WR? TE? 4/5ths of the OL? Is Crawford a legit quality DE prospect or do we lack one of those too? Do we have a pass rusher to get excited about in the pipeline? We know we have no NT. Is there a single young S in the building capable of making plays?
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    sorry holmes but that "stat" is one of the weakest arguments i've encountered.

    ware plus victor butler have 10 sacks and rate favorably versus many 3-4 backers.

    that stat says zero about spencer.
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    I think you're right here.

    Defense is shaping up nicely. For sure, we have Lee, Carter, Claiborne...We don't know about Crawford yet. I believe he'll, at the least, be a starter at DE. Whether he's the pressure guy or not, we don't know yet. We need to add a good S to be an elite defense.

    You're right on about offense. Tyron is our one young building block. Murray hasn't shown enough consistency to be elite. Romo, Witten are crossing the hill of their physical ability. Austin can be elite as a number 2 WR, and I think he's one building block we should keep going forward.

    We have next to no talent on the offensive line, inconsistent and oft-injured RBs, one good WR, a chain-moving TE--but not one that stretches the defense or scores TD, and a QB who seems to be on the decline.

    I think the draft needs to devote alot of attention to the offensive side of the ball. Because there certainly seems to be a lot of issues on the horizon. We desperately need speed and playmaking ability.
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    My gosh, it's almost like everyone on CZ has collectively finally given up on Dez.

    There was a point not too long ago where omitting Dez from a list of <future building blocks> would have elicited a 7 page knockdown argument.... these days it doesn't even bare mentioning... nobody really disagrees.... anybody who does has long decided it's not worth arguing about.

    Wouldn't it be great that somehow, someway, Dez pull his head out of his you know where and fulfilled his potential?
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    Black and White Holmes. It is what it is.
    He isn't as bad as he is made out to be is the point.

    I'm not arguing money, that is obvious.
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    Yup, what it is, is 3 sacks and very good play as a run stuffer.

    Using Ware's stats don't change that at all which was my point.

    I agree with you if you mean we could resign him and win with him as a 6m per type player. And I don't think e is at all bad all around at his job.

    I just see wayyy over the top nonsense about his rating as a top OLB and that just isn't accurate. We did miss him while he was out certainly but that's probably because we have zero depth at the position to speak of.
  8. tm1119

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    As everyone else has said, it depends on the price. And I really don't want him franchised again. Either keep him or dont. The most I would go is somewhere around 3 years and 21 M with a contract that makes him cuttable if he isnt performing.

    Anyone who thinks Spencer doesn't do his job clearly doesnt understand the 3-4 defense very well or what his job as a SOLB entails. Is he the best? No, absolutely not. But he is by no means bad just because he doesn't get a ton of sacks.
  9. FLcowboy

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    You are right on, and Spencer does this very well. Franchise players generally earn that moniker.
  10. BlueStar22

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    I'd let him walk...
  11. unionjack8

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    Spencer is a good player.

    But i let him walk and here's why.

    Sean lee will need extending very soon, maybe in the offseason and then at most 2 years down the line Bruce Carter will need a new contract too.

    You cant sign everybody and i'd take those two over Spencer and only one of those two.

    Salary cap, salary cap, salary cap.
  12. CaptainMorgan

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    Id take it a step further and go back to a 4-3 with Lee in the middle and Carter at SLB.
  13. TVMan

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    It was meant to be a comparison to other 34 defenses in the league and how Ware and Spencer stack up as a duo. Spencer, as a sidekick, is right there with the other sidekicks in the league production-wise. It has been written and talked about what Spencer's role is in Ryan's scheme.

    So, we have to take that into account. Fact is, teams don't seem to run as effectively or use screens as effectively when he is on the field.

    I agree on the money, but they weren't going to find a cheaper replacement that can do what he does in this system for this year.
  14. burmafrd

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    they did not really TRY
  15. TVMan

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    Who was available...?
  16. burmafrd

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    Draft they did not try
    FA they did not try
  17. Spectre

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    Ellis. By far.
  18. TheSport78

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    They are going to re-sign Spencer and we will all be PO'ed in a year.
  19. TVMan

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    Who was available in either that would have taken his place this year?
  20. Doomsay

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    Good point, but I don't see Jerry going into re-build mode, he is more likely to resign aging / marginal starters than spend the money on building for the future.

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