Anthony Spencer

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BTX, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Well, that is it exactly.

    Although I hated sticking Spencer with the franchise tag, there weren't any great options in FA or the draft. Meanwhile, if the underclassmen come out, this could be a banner year for 3-4 OLB types.

    After last year, I thought it'd probably be a two year rebuilding job to get the pieces in place to make a run. However, that was predicated on making the right moves and assuming the primary team needs were CB, S, OLB, C and G.

    Last year, both the draft and FA were strong at CB and guard. Those should have been resolved last year. I think they solved corner....maybe even to the point of overkill. However, I think they may have missed the boat on guard.

    This year is looking to be strong at OLB and decent at S. Still not a lot of great C options, however. And I'm not convinced the team will address C anyway although I think having a guy who can make all the calls there would do wonders for the team which is why I wouldn't have minded a guy like Koppen.

    Depending upon how the team finishes, this might be a year to get an OLB high and then move into late 1 to grab a guy like Barrett Jones or do OLB/Barrett Jones 1-2 depending upon where the team is drafting and Jones ends up being projected.
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    Kamerion Wimbley

    That's if you're simply looking for a free agent name.

    They could have gone to the draft as the draft has produced a handful of players outside of the 1st round in the past couple years who rush the passer just as well if not better.

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    Well, I'll throw out a name in the draft that I wanted to take.

    Chandler Jones.
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    Almost Anthony

    A new definition of close.

    Horseshoes, hand grenades and Almost Anthony Spencer.
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    Yeah he looks like he's full of potential and he's already doing well.
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    I'd have went with Jarrett Johnson. He is starting at OLB in San Diego and has 1 measly sack. But he is a good run stuffer and plays as hard as anyone on the field. He is even less big-play oriented than Spencer but seldom is out of position and makes almost zero mistakes.

    He got 4 years and 19 million with 6m in SB.

    As mentioned above Wimbley was the shiner option and even he signed for 7m per year average. He got 9m in SB but has cap hits of only 4.3 then 5.8 the first two years.

    We are looking at 12.5 or more in cap hits for Spencer this year and next even if he does sign a reasonable deal in the off-season.

    Spencer is a quality player but he isn't as rare as local media likes to make out. You can find run stuffers in this league. It is the Demarcus Wares and Jay Ratliff's you have to pay big money to.
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    you make too much sense

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    We're not always on the same page JT but in this case, we are pretty much reading out of the same book.

    I agree 100%
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    It's all about the $ - and my guess is he will be asking more than he's worth. Never been a very big fan anyways, frankly.
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    I think thats the right price for him. Above 5 mill per anno is too much. If he demands that kind of money we should let him walk and look for a replacement in the draft.

    Spencer is a one dimensional player. Good run stopper medicore rushing ability. NFL teams pay pass rusher not run stopping OLBs. So i don't think he will get a well paid contract. But if he does let him walk. I don't think it will be too hard to find a good replacment for him in the draft - as long as we dont seach for the whole package like another DWare.

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