Antsports is ready for the 2005 Fantasy Football Season

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    AntSports is ready for the 2005 fantasy football season.

    1) NFL 2 Round Mock Draft :

    We are doing an NFL 2 round Mock Draft to celebrate. There are still
    many open spots available. Read this thread on the messageboard and
    signup. You can be the acting GM for your favoriate NFL Team!
    The NFL Mock draft will start Thurs Noon EST. Draft #2 Fri Noon EST.

    2) Fantasy Football Mocks Now Open :

    AntSports normal and serious fantasy football mock drafts are
    now open and ready to go. I have even added the undrafted rookies.

    3) 2005 Signup for Fantasy Football Leagues

    I have opened signups for the 2005 season. You can join a new league,
    quit a current league, or switch to a new league. Make your payment to
    find out your 2005 draft position. Also, I'll be turning on the trade
    interface this year for all paid teams. There is even a waiting list
    function so your friends can automaticly join your league when someone
    else drops.

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