Any interest in Freeman?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by john van brocklin, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Bullflop

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    He recently accused the Bucs of releasing his involvement in the NFL's drug enforcement program. Now, while I'm admittedly not aware of all the details involved (and it likely won't be released) -- I'd caution Buyer Beware.
  2. AbeBeta

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    The right QB coach could do a nice job with him. His best shot is going to a team with an established #1 and working himself back for a few years.

    He has a ton of talent and can put up some decent #s. However, he got to the point where you expected a breakout season that didn't come.

    If I'm his agent, I'm trying to get him on the Broncos or somewhere like that. Their QB coach really doesn't have a heck of a lot to do.
  3. DominantD

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    No way is there consideration he can challenge Romo. Which QB has better potential to run this team for 6-8 games if Romo gets injured... Orton or Freeman? Who would be the better backup for 3 years... Orton or Freeman?
  4. Gameover

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    I think the Cowboys should try an sign every known player who becomes available from here on out.

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  5. 17yearsandcounting

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    He has issues man. Not showing up to team meetings, he slept through his own football camp. Dude is heading towards a bad place and doesnt seem to care.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    Just say no.
  7. SWG9

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    Yep. The guy has talent, but he's had to contend with Raheem Morris AND Greg Schiano. That's borderline cruel punishment.

    Put him in the right environment and I bet he turns into a player. And I don't care who mocks me, I'd be thrilled if he found his way onto the Cowboys' roster.
  8. cowboyschmps3

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    I'd try it why not he's young
  9. lane

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    about as much interest as a root canal..

    a migraine

    being drawn and quartered
  10. lane

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    easy forum:)
  11. Vintage

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    I'd rather have Josh Brent be my chauffeur.
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  12. Zman5

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  13. tico

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    Lmao!!! People cried about Romo on the golf course & on vacation in Cabo. Now the want to have Freeman on vacation on the field?
  14. Ren

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    But but but, what about Romo's feelings?
  15. Ren

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    He claims he accidentally took the wrong medicine for ADD ritalin insteand of something else
  16. kristie

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    no. don't need him. he's better off someplace else.
  17. TheCowboy

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    Bills look like they will sign him.
  18. Carharris2

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  19. Fredd

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    and where would we put him this year? 3rd string? waste of a roster spot, especially since he isn't good for many reasons...and, is the intent to make him the back-up next year? now we have just signed a guy to a deal past next year? I just threw up a little bit in my mouth....
  20. 03EBZ06

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    Waste of roster spot and waste of money and most likely locker room cancer. Yeah, lets get him, smh

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