Any of you people still wanna defend Romo & Witten going to Cabo?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by BlueBandit, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Don't you dare feel sorry for Wade Foolips, he brought this on himself and should have been fired after the 2007 playoff choke at home vs the NYG .

    34 years in the NFL ,never won a playoff game, gets the team of his life ; he took Parcells team/ players (who was rightly dismissed as he started to choke the team) to a 13-3 record, Jimmy, Landry, Parcells never won 13 games in Dallas .

    They beat the Giants 45-35 in Dallas Romo tears them up 4 TD's 345 yds and then they walk into Giants stadium and dismantle them 31-20 Romo throws another 4 TD's -no reason they shouldn't beat them a 3rd time.

    Last week of season Cowboys let up and get beatup in Washington, the Giants man up play their guts out , lose 35-33 @ home to the undefeated Pats -

    Inexplicably Phillips lets Romo & Witten go on vacation to Cabo Mexico for a friggin "getaway " and takes the whole bye week off - Giants beatup Tampa and walk into Dallas and pull out a 21-17 Victory - Cowboys were never in sync in the game, dropped passes , INC's and of course the Wade Trademark 11 penalties for 84 yards.

    Giants wanted the game more, they willed it away from us , outhit and out hustled us - Phillips let his team lose their edge from that final week to the NYG game.

    Coughlin coached them that 07' SB and in the process has become a top 5 NFL guy today - Phillips is on his way to Denny's for the Griddle Deluxe....

    And the biggest clown is Jerry Jones keeping this head shaking schmuck around for 4 years .

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    Jimmy won 13 games in 92
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    Is this thread for real?
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    I agree that was the beginning of the end for Wade...but you cannot fire a guy after his first season coaching when he had the best record in the NFC and had homefield advantadge throught the playoffs. That loss will ALWAYS haunt us because I truly believe we were Super Bowl bound. Don't think we beat the Pats...but I definitley think we beat the Packers enroute to a Super Bowl appearance. That would have gave this team the confidence they NEVER really had. I still talk about that loss to this day. And by the way, Romo is NOT why we lost that game. Giving up an 80 yard TD drive right before the end of the first half.. I think it took Eli like 90 seconds...that is why we lost that game
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    you hate the past? the pain? the truth? ripping up old wounds caused by Captain Sofite

    Most penalized team on the planet under Captain Sweatpants.

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    They got time off they took it. It's all on the staff.
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    I would agree, IF THE COACH DIDN'T ALLOW THE QB TO GOTO CABO! do you think Walsh or Landry would allow that! Dan Reeves? :lmao:

    Face it, this fool cost us a SB appearance. We WERE BETTER than that NYG team.

    Could you see Tom Coughlin's Irish Temper exploding if he found out Eli was going to Bermuda with Kevin Boss for a getaway this year when the NYG get home field?

    It's won't happen , you know why? Eli is more committed to football than Tony Romo(another discussion for another time ) and Tom Coughlin is like Pat Riley in BB , he lives and dies with the sport and he is demanding.
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    lol at this in the fantasy zone
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    OH MY ***!! I can't believe my time machine finally worked.
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    What a lame filter.
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    You see Sherman, we are going to take the way back machine
    so I can lament and pound my chest to make myself feel better about
    myself while crowing on the hill about stuff that is no longer an issue.
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