Any runners out there?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by joseephuss, Dec 6, 2004.

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    In my quest to get in shape, I set a goal of running the Dallas Whiterock Marathon. I have been training since July and have dropped downfrom 235 lbs to 210 lbs. The race is this weekend. Anybody have any advice on how to spend the last week of training. Any good foods to eat or anything. I am looking forward to it, but I will probably miss the first half of the Saints game.
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    I'm a runner, but by no means a marathon runner.

    Nor am I a nutritionist . . .

    But I think bannanas and taking two aspirin before you run would help.

    Oh . . . and don't go out and get plastered the night before.
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    Eat healthy (can't say this from experience) and load up on carbs the night before the run. As far as training, cut the whole load back by about half (and at cruising speeds)so you can be fresh for the run.
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    Oh yea bring back those army day memories. Yea there is nothing like running 5 miles hung over and still have drunk at 6am after you got in and visited the porcelain god at 1am :) It is a long run and it hurts a lot :D

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