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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Txguy86, Jan 16, 2007.

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    Sigh... you Tech homers are so determined to take offense at any criticism of your players that you continue to ignore altogeter my oft-repeated assertion that IF he runs what I consider to be a semi-acceptable 40 time in "official" workouts (the Combine or Pro Day workouts, with NFL scouts on hand), I'll revise my opinion of him upwards, and I'll move him up my draft board...

    Indeed, it hasn't even occurred to you that he's ON my draft board at all... and that board only includes a hair over 100 players total... FWIW, Hicks is on it too...

    And why, if I think Filani or Hicks are too slow to make it in the NFL, are they on my list at all?? Why, because I recognize that at this point, all we have are UNofficial times on both, and those times might not be accurate at all... IOW, I'm recognizing the POSSIBILITY that either or both will prove to be a bit faster than they're currently being credited with being...

    So, my basic premise is while I recognize that straight line speed in the form of a 40 time is not the final arbiter of how good a receiver is, that things like the ability to run crisp routes can get you open (even in the NFL), there is a point at which that lack of straight-line speed ought to lead you to worry about whether or not a receiver can get-- and keep-- separation in the NFL... not only do you have to get open in the first place to catch passes, there's the issue of staying open long enough for your QB to find you... the biggest difference between NFL DBs and college DBs isn't just pure straight-line speed either, it's RECOVERY speed... IOW, in the NFL you might beat that corner with your initial move, but he's gonna recover and get back on you in a hurry if you don't have at least a little speed of your own...

    So, when I talk about "semi-respectable" speed, in this case my years of studying the draft lead me to set that bar at a 4.65 second 40 or faster, as a bare minimum... to me, if you can't run a legit sub-4.65 40, your chances of ever making it as an NFL receiver are quite small... not nonexistent, but given that the draft is a crap shoot in the first place, and you only have 7 picks, maybe as many as 10 if you do some trading down, I'm not gonna squander what few picks I have on such a long shot...

    To wrap this all up, IF either Hicks or Filani runs what I consider to be a "semi-respectable" time, as defined above, then I'll revise my thinking about them, and my rating of them, accordingly... there will be lots of players on this board moving up and down as I learn more info about them... there will even be players dropping off that board, and players making their first appearance on it...

    But if they don't meet the standareds I set for WRs, then I'll stand on my arguments as stated...

    Ain't nuthin' personal about it, though... :D
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    Well, I think that most draft prospects get better as their college careers progress... but even you don't really believe that the level of competition doesn't factor in to the level of production a receiver gives you at least some, do you??
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    I guess Keyshawn Johnson didn't deserve to go first in '96 because of his lack of "gamebreaking" speed, right?

    I can name a few offensive threats who didn't have elite speed that have contributed greatly to the NFL.

    Keyshawn Johnson
    Joe Jurevicious
    Jamal Lewis
    Emmitt Smith
    Michael Irvin
    Marques Colston
    Kevin Jones (His recorded 40 times were in the area of Filani)
    Steven Jackson
    Anquan Boldin
    Jerry Rice
    Tony Gonzales
    Todd Heap
    Jason Witten
    Leon Washington
    Curtis Martin
    Terrell Owens
    Stephen Davis
    Terrell Davis
    Fred McCaffrey
    Eddie George
    Keenan McCardell
    Daunte Culpepper
    Frank Gore
    Marshall Faulk
    Edgerrin James...

    and the list goes on.

    How quickly you can move the ball says just that. How efficiently you can move the ball, in spite of defensive interference, gives you your draft stock. Playing vertical doesn't mean squat especially if you're playing with a QB who can't get it to you or a DB who can play vertical equally, if not moreso than you.

    Size and speed are tangible. Playing bigger/smaller and faster/slower are not. Joel Filani may be big but he plays faster than his speed suggests.
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    but any joe shmoe can look like jerry rice in that offense but you definately may be on to somethin'.
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    Heres the thing though, you have to have talent. You cant catch 1,000 yrds per season without some kind of talent. The boys got hands and it will be interesting to see what he does at the combine.
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    Just thought I would revisit this thread since Filani ran at the combine.

    NFLdraftcountdown has that he ran a 4.52.

    Another board has that he ran a 4.49 and a 4.57.

    We will see what he does at his proday.
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    Carlos Francis.
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    If I was him, I don't think I'd run at the Pro Day... he's already answered the question about his speed, in front of a whole lot of witnesses...

    I'll bet when he crossed the finish line, all he heard was "cha-ching"... :D
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    Tech fans, opinions on OT Gabe Hall?

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