Any Top CB's next draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by burmafrd, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Crown Royal

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    Hey - I'm all for chancing it in the 4th round.:)
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  3. Aikbach

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    Glenn is 34 and exceptional in the nickel. Woodson was great at 34, Everson Walls was starting for Parcells' last Super Bowl team at 34, Darrell Green was almost 40 when retired. Cornerbacks who have true coverage skills and not just pure speed games will maintain productive and lengthy careers. DeAngelo Hall on the other hand, he'll be done once he loses a step.
  4. Bob Sacamano

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    we do WR in the 1st, then I don't care what direction we head after
  5. dillinger319

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    well if we can get someone to replace Henry when he "loses a step" that could be a blessing in disguise because then he can move over to FS and hold that down for a few years...
  6. jbsg02

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    I don't think a corner is a must in this draft. we have a lot of money invested in newman, henry and glenn. if there is a good quality corner in the 3rd round or after then we should go for it.
  7. Common Sense

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    I have to agree. We have a few other needs that make taking a corner anywhere higher than round 3 (and maybe even the first day) a bit of a stretch, although we do need to start thinking about adding some young talent to the corner position. CB might be a better first day pick in 2008.
  8. Avery

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    I believe that we have to try our hand at OL again. Peterman and Rogers were both busts but we have no choice to go back to the well again.

    CB and WR can wait a year if need be. Sooner or later, we need to replace Rivera and groom a replacement for Flo.
  9. Eskimo

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    BPA is probably an LB most years that Parcells is here.:laugh2:

    We should really be thinking OL - especially OT. Flo doesn't have too many years left on him and only has one year left on his contract. I always thought we could move him to RT but if Columbo keeps playing well he is a younger and cheaper alternative.

    We also need to draft Rivera's replacement soon as he probably has one year left in him at the most.

    CB is a definite possibility as I am afraid Henry's lack of speed will bite us in the arse sooner or later. I am still not sold on Reeves and Glenn probably only has one year left in him.
  10. ghst187

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    I disagree, I think we HAVE to draft a QB even if Romo works out. Bledsoe sure isn't sticking around next year. Even if Romo is it, we're one hit away from not having a QB. Obviously, we'll probably sign a FA to backup Romo (still under the assumption that Romo is the dude), and I think we still need a top flight QB to groom, or at least a hidden gem somewhere in the draft. I don't think we can count on getting lucky with an UDFA again. I'm not sure about the young guy we have right now, maybe he's good enough to trust the #3 duties to...don't know.....but I'd prefer a high to mid round, talented draft pick there.
    BPA to an extent overall....I agree, no CB on day 1. But BPA of probably OT, OG, or WR (although we're pretty full at WR). I think Ginn would be tempting if he dropped to us because of his KR/PR abilities. I could also see a monster NT being on our draft board if there's one out there. Fergie is getting up there and Stanley didn't cut it.
    We REALLY have a lot of options because I don't think we have a lot of needs. Obviously OL is our biggest if Romo is great the rest of the season.
    If he's not, I think we'd be in a good position to do a blockbuster trade up and get someone like Quinn. We could use our FA money to upgrade the OL. I'm hoping for Steinbach at G as our top priority if he doesn't demand a Hutchinson-like contract.
  11. Crown Royal

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    It's my opinion that you can't go wrong drafting a QB and DB at least in the later rounds every draft.
  12. windward

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    Fred Bennett?
  13. lkelly

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    Dallas should have been drafting a QB at least once every three years. It is the most valuable position in the league, and even if you don't have room for an extra one they are the best trade bait. Just like a college team that doesn't recruit a QB on average once a year, an NFL team that doesn't keep developing them ends up like, well, the post-Aikman Cowboys.
  14. YoungBuck

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    Then you havn't seen Aaron Ross play. He's one of the favorites for the Thorpe award and has played better than just about any other corner this year. Check him out.

    Quentin Jammer and Rod Babers were at Texas before defensive back coach Duane Akina came. Since him he's put out DBs like Nathan Vasher, Cedric Griffin, and Michael Huff. Aaron Ross is much more talented than Vasher and Griffin.

    That's a cheap site that isn't very good. They don't update their rankings during the season. The best site is Scott Wright's site.

    Ross should be ranked as the 3rd or 4th best corner.

    Even if he doesn't pan out as a CB, he's one of the top punt returners in the country. He's returned two punts for TDs this year, two last year, and owns the Texas record for punt returns/TD.

    He's not worthy of a 1st round pick, but the cowboys shouldn't look at anybody under 300lbs in the 1st round, but he'd be perfect in the 2nd round.
  15. Crown Royal

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    I should rephrase - just say no to taking them in the first round. 3-5 is fine by me. But the strength of UT's defense has long been their line - the rest of their players have always looked better because of it.
  16. amuze

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    Daymeion Hughes is a bad, bad boy. I've watched him play every game this year being a Cal alum/fan that I am. The guy is a player and will do very well in the NFL. He's big, super athletic, and is excellent at reading plays.

    He currently leads the Pac-10 in picks and is 2nd in the nation.
  17. YoungBuck

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    Ya I wouldn't take him in the 1st round, he's not another Huff. I'd like to get him in the 3rd round, but the way he's playing I'm sure he'll be a 2nd round pick. I think he's worth taking that high.

    That has always been true. The Texas secondary is so devestated with injury. Terrell Brown has a broken bone in his foot, Marcus and Michael Griffin have both been banged up with injuries. The past few games we've been forced to start a true freshman Deon Beasley at corner oppiosite him. Aaron Ross has been the one bright spot of that unit.

    I just disagree with the college position theory. Good thing nobody told the chiefs that Penn State RBs have failed in the leauge
  18. Aikbach

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    Has Huff done anything in his rookie campaign?
  19. Frozen700

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    ill be mad when newman leaves..i dont kno..wenever somebody throws to his side..i feel that when somebody throws his way..its about to get picked off

    it will bel hard for me to feel that way about anyone else
  20. Aikbach

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    He is good but not unique in his talents, there will be another. Besides he'll play another 5 or 6 years.

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