Any update on Crazy Ray?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by cowboys#1, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. cowboys#1

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    anybody know how crazy ray is doing these days? last i heard he was ill and was broke. just curious, also bored at work....:p:
  2. Reality

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    I would like to know this as well if anyone has any recent updates.

  3. Torn_ACL

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  4. stealth

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    aww man poor ray, he was at a boat show when I was a kid catching trout out of the make shift pool.

    he is a great guy
  5. cowboys#1

    cowboys#1 Finish!

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    poor ray....:(
  6. Bungarian

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    Jerry should help him out.
  7. Yeagermeister

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    I'm pretty sure he has but I'm not positive.

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    Crazy Ray is one of my favorite Cowboys of all-time.. I remember loving him as a kid-- he was always beating up on a Redskin.. He was so much fun, and you could tell that he loved doing what he did..

    I know I read before that Jerry has helped him out some, which is very cool.. but I wish that he would just take care of his medical bills for him and give him like $50,000 or something, that way he wouldnt have to worry at all for the rest of his life.. that's a drop in the bucket for Jerry, but it would mean everything for a man that has meant a lot to this organization..
  9. NorthTexan95

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    Jerry has done a lot behind closed doors. There was an article in the DMN a year or so ago which discussed that.
  10. Hostile

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  11. Cajuncowboy

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    I really think that if there was a way to put him in the ROH, they should. He was as much a part of the cowboys as about anyone else. As a matter of fact maybe moreso. He's been with the team longer than any of the owners have, and most of the coaches. :starspin
  12. big dog cowboy

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    ROH may be a bit much but some special commemorative is in order.
  13. Future

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    i could have sworn that it was Whistlin Ray...have i lost my mind?

    the story on that site about all the stuff with his story is depressing. its a shame

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