Any Virgin Mobile customers here?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by vlad, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I have been on them for a few years, just because I was sick of paying $80+ a month for phone/data when I don't do much else than text and listen to internet radio when riding my bike to/from work on the Hudson.

    Anyway, for any users the service is okay for the most part, does the trick, piggybacks off of Sprint's network. I pay like $30 a month.

    However the devices aren't the greatest. I have a Motorola Triumph. It took me about 6 or so tries to get a good working one. There are so many issues with the phone and its success rate, its reallly comical. The one I had for about 10 months worked great, until the connection to charge stopped working. Now I'm back in this nonsense cycle of finding a good unit.

    At this point I'm getting fed up, and tempted to go back to Verizon, ATT, Tmobile, etc....

    Anyone tried the HTC Evo V? A Motorola Triumph?

    How do you feel about the phone you have and why? I'm thinking of holding out and seeing whats up with the new iphone, but not sure I want to deal with monthly cost again.

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    I have been with virgin mobile for a long time. So long that we are grand fathered into the $25 a month unlimited data usage plan. We were actually with them before there was even an unlimited plan. As far as service, there are occasionally issues, but they have been very rare for me.

    My wife and I both have the LG Optimus V(non slider version). I think we each got our for less than $100. These phones are smaller than the one you have, but we have never had any serious issues with them. At least nothing a reboot wouldn't fix. The phone also has a GPS, so we get google maps and navigation which has been a life saver when we take road trips. I have also loaded many apps on the phone (games mostly) and they play/work well enough.

    Like you, we only really text, and listen to music. We only get 300 mins a month as far as talk time, but I recently installed google voice on the phone, so I assume that would mean I basically have unlimited phone since data is unlimited. Still, I have never come close to using all my minutes.

    I don't get how all of you people spend $80 a month on phone service. With my oldest about to get their own phone here shortly, we would be paying out the nose for this stuff. Looking at their site, they seem to have alot more phone choices now. I even see they offer the Iphone, but dizamm they are expensive since these are non-contract plans.

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    Thanks for the reply. I had a Optimus for a while, but did want a bigger screen and a nice camera, etc.. I am a fan of Android, prefer to iphone but thats more from a customization that usability point of view.

    I'm just having so much trouble with these phones, and I was interested in the Evo V, but reading it has signal strength issues. Just their quality of hardware is disappointing.

    I'm waiting on getting a brand new Triumph in the mail, as opposed to an refurbished one. I'm on the fence with what to do next.

    I think I may just ebay it new, looks like I can get near $200 for it...then buy a used Optimus for cheap and hold out and see whats up with the new iphone. Still I'm with you, 80+ dollars, and don't even get unlimited data...that's not worth it for my needs.
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    If they piggyback off the Sprint network, you should be able to get the Sprint version of something like the Galaxy Nexus?
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    I'm typing this message on my Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V, so... Yeah, no Virgin Mobile user here...
  6. vlad

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    Not sure of the exact tech stack behind this, but I think something with the hardware on the phones makes it specific to getting virgin mobile access to the sprint network. I heard you can get sprint Evo's on there, but apparently those are even more jacked that the Virgin-branded ones.

    But I'll defintely look more into it.
  7. TheKey

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    Why not just get an unlocked iPhone?
  8. Sam I Am

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    Actually, I think I read earlier that VM doesn't allow non-VM phones. Sorry. :/

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