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Any wargaming/civil war buffs check this out.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Achilleslastand, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Achilleslastand

    Achilleslastand Well-Known Member

    3,285 Messages
    1,913 Likes Received
    Ive been fiddling around with the demo and as a longtime fan of the Total War series i find Scourge of War Gettysburg to be better in terms of an overall strategy/tactical/realism wargaming experience.
    The gameplay is quite good, and altho the maps are 3-D the units themselves are sprites...so dont expect top notch graphics.

  2. CashMan

    CashMan Well-Known Member

    2,137 Messages
    564 Likes Received
    I like games like this a lot, but this one seems older, on amazon, it says you need xp home.
  3. Achilleslastand

    Achilleslastand Well-Known Member

    3,285 Messages
    1,913 Likes Received
    Actually its only about 2 years old. And it was made a very small team of developers hence the very average graphics.
  4. hipfake08

    hipfake08 Well-Known Member

    8,579 Messages
    1,379 Likes Received
    Scourge of war?
    How many battles did the game contain.

    You vs computer?
  5. Achilleslastand

    Achilleslastand Well-Known Member

    3,285 Messages
    1,913 Likes Received
    Yes you may play against the AI/computer. However i have heard the multiplayer battles against other humans are a real treat.

    • Every Gettysburg engagement is meticulously recreated.
    • Multiple ‘What If’ scenarios are included.
    • Every major personality has been researched, and simulated by the AI.
    • Replay any engagement from the point of view of any commander.
    • Use ‘Sandbox’ mode, with at least seven maps, to create your own battles.
    • Enjoy Full modding support with a new friendlier interface.
    • Each weapon of every regiment has been painstakingly researched and modeled.
    • Sounds and Smoke effects bring the battles to life.
    • Historic writings are included, to learn about this key engagement in U.S. history.
    The Battlefield

    • Five High-Resolution maps cover each sector of the battlefield in amazing detail.
    • One 5x5-mile map covers the entire Gettysburg battle area.
    • Historical weather and battle times bring added realism.
    • Crops are recreated from historical photographs and writings.
    • Devil’s Den, McPherson’s Ridge, Cemetery Hill, Culp’s Hill, the Peach Orchard, East Cavalry Field—they’re all there!

    • Multiplayer online games may be accessed by an in-game Lobby.
    • The Courier System option provides historical realism as dispatches are delivered by horseback.
    • Full support provided for multiple players.

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