Anybody not think this is coaching?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by phildadon86, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Alexander

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    He should get as long as he wants. Just like Tom Landry.
  2. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Tom Landry coached an expansion franchise that didn't have any draft picks that first year. Those Cowboys were awful. Garrett inherited a team with a franchise QB, not to mention other HOF players like Witten and Ware. The year before the team was a SB favorite. This was before the team quit on their coach. You can't give coaches 5 plus years anymore to win. The NFL has changed since the 1960's. Playoff teams change from year to year. Look at KC, SF and Seattle. They changed coaches and QBs and look where they are now. The Cowboys stay the same always. What difference does it make if Garrett is bringing in better players if the results remain the same.
  3. BlueStar22

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    I'm sorry, I'm just not on board with changing head coaches out every 3 years. I think that is one aspect where continuity is needed. Garrett isn't a horrible coach. Hell, Tuesday through Saturday is pretty good. His offensive scheme needs work but I still think he is learning. The fundamental problem with these team continues to be the front office and how the roster is constructed and how the salary cap has been managed. It basically has allowed for no depth. Guys like David Arkin and Danny McCray (Kick and Punt coverage hardly warrants a roster spot and we've seen him play safety) would probably be out of the league by now if they were with other organizations.
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    I disagree completely. I'm not gonna go back and show the numbers but most of the Super Bowl coaches in the last handful of years had almost immediate success. And if they weren't in the Super Bowl by their first 2 years they at least made the playoffs.

    Franchises churn the bottom of the roster all the time why can't they do it with coaches?
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    One, not being horrible is our new standard? Since when? Let me guess, since Garrett took office.

    And two, what makes you think he's good Tuesday through Saturday?
  6. pjtoadie

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    Who cares how he is Tuesday through Saturday! What matters most is how he does on Sundays!
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    I think he is the playcaller. But Romo also audibles a *ton*.

    I just get the impression that you're not going to see Callahan and Garrett disagree with Romo constantly going to shotgun and throwing the ball. Parcells on the other hand would have put the kibosh on that a long time ago.

    It's a league wide epidemic as well. Everybody is trying to be the Patriots, Peyton Manning and the Packers. The problem is that they don't have Brady, Peyton, Brees or Rodgers as their QB.

    I watched it on MNF. The Rams get 3rd and goal from the 1 to win the game.

    1st play - shotgun w/empty backfield. They show no threat of handing the ball off to a tailback because there is none. This is particularly important when your QB is Kellen Clemens who is a terrible passer. At least show the possibility of running and make it easier for him to pass. The result was an incompletion that they got a defensive offside penalty on.

    2nd play - Ace jumbo package. I'm not a large fan of this either because it makes it pretty obvious they are going to run. Which they ended up doing and it got stuffed. But at least there was some possibility of using a play fake and throwing. Although you have no WR's on the play.

    3rd play - shotgun w/empty backfield. Again, no threat of handing the ball off. This was the final play of the game, but they were only at the 1. I don't even mind the shotgun so much, but the empty backfield is maddening. And the Seahawks blitz it and have a free shot at Clemens who can't make a good pass. Could have been prevented if a tailback was in for pass protection.

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  8. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    This team has the talent to be above .500 and certainly has more than enough talent to win the division. I do not believe either one will happen this year. I guess that means it's the coaching?
  9. 17yearsandcounting

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    Just go in the newszone and read what that dummy Bosworth had to say about his kickoff return.

    "I thought I could get the edge" YOU SERIOUS DUDE? Blatant coaching fail.
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  10. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    the sad part is that Red probably agreed with him.
  11. TrailBlazer

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    Is that what we pay him to do? Return kicks? Is he Dwayne Harris?

    Lighten up on the kid.
  12. 17yearsandcounting

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    He is a professional. He should know better. He had 4 options.

    -pitch it to harris
    -run forward
    -fall over
    -think you can get the corner

    He chose the most epic fail of them all.
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  13. Beast_from_East

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    Best answer
  14. CooterBrown

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    THE PROBLEM IS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE, JERRY JONES. "A head coach with skins on the wall" has no chance of turning this around as long as he does not have final say over who he keeps on his roster. "Group decisions" might work for the draft room, but once a player is on the team, he must answer to the coach, and the coach only. There is no "fear" in the players on this team in their interaction with Garrett. Let's look at the Ratliff/Jones set-to in the locker room last year: is there any chance Garrett could have stepped up and told Ratliff to clean out his locker and hit the street? He should have, he might have wanted to, we'll never know about that, but in my opinion, Garrett lacks the authority within the organization to do that. Jerry Jones thinks he can schmooze, get chummy with, and high-five the players into contributing to the team effort. The players WANT to succeed. They WANT to win, but the unit itself is too disfunctional at the top to bind the players into an effective force.

    As an analogy from Army, I would put it this way:
    How it is: Jerry Jones is the Battalion Commander, Jason Garrett is the S-3, and there is no XO.
    For those who have no idea what I mean, the Battalion Commander (usually a Lt. Colonel) is the highest ranking officer in the Battalion. He has ultimate and total authority over who he assigns to what duty, who he fires, and how his unit is run. And, he is ultimately responsible for everything his unit does, or fails to do. The S-3 (usually a Major) is the plan and scheme guy for the unit. He plans every move the Commander wants to make and is largely responsible for disseminating that information to the rest of the unit. He also coordinates the unit training. He is usually respected but seldom feared. The Executive Officer (XO) (usually a Major) is the most influential officer in the battalion. He does not have firing authority, but he is widely feared because everybody knows that he is the Commander's enforcer. He snaps the whip and keeps everybody on the staff focused and on the same page.

    How it should be: Jason Garrett should be the Commander, Bill Callahan should be the S-3, and Garrett should have a strong Assistant Head Coach to be the XO. Jerry Jones should be the visiting congressman who just comes by to shake hands, back slap, and to see how the tax dollars are being spent.

    The analogies between an NFL team and military unit are endless. It is combat where casualties are something that must be expected, and the mission must still be accomplished. To achieve the mission, the unit must have discipline, cohesion, morale, trust in each other, and they must be led by a commander. If the command structure is flawed, the soldiers will not trust their leadership, they will not trust each other, they will hesitate when they should be executing, they will fracture into self-preservation mode, they will view the mission as unattainable, and will thereby deduce that their efforts are wasted. When that happens they will go through the motions because the structure still has authority over them, but it will be effort in appearance only. And this kind of unit will NEVER accomplish a difficult mission.

    The last real commander this unit had was Jimmy Johnson. Parcells could have been, but he was too old to keep fighting an uphill battle.
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  15. ConstantReboot

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    The problem is that he is still learning. The best thing he could have done is coached a pop warner or a high school team before heading into the NFL. He is so inexperience that when its crunch time he folds. Being the coach of the Cowboys is not where you want to learn how to coach. You should already know how and use what you know to win those close games.

    The problem stems with Jerry for promoting him to coach when he was actually one of the main reasons in the debacle during Wade's tenure. Garrett should have been taken out along with the rest of the trash. How many more coaches will have to be sacrificed in order for Garrett to keep learning as coach? Ryan was the scapegoat last year, as was Wade 2 years ago. This year its going to be Kiffen and Callahan and Garrett, to no ones surprise will still be coach. Jerry will never learn will he?
  16. CowboyStar88

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    Who blamed Sean? If anything people were upset he left and were mad that BP stayed for the one year he did when we should've had our next coach already on staff.
  17. dukecityspecialist

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    Either way we're right on schedule. .500 team. No surprise here
  18. Ren

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    Everyone blamed him he was the Garrett of 05, people where only upset that he left after he found some success in NO. Payton was the root of all our problems in 05 just like Zimmer was in 06. Look at them now when they have some players to work with and look at where we are still expecting some coach to come inn and turn crap into gold cause we don't wanna face the fact that we just flat out suck at to many positions to be contenders and our cap situation won't allow us to address it
  19. CowboyStar88

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    Why am I not remembering this?? How did he get the blame? We had deadslow at QB?
  20. birdwells1

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    Heck, ownership is the one's that's setting it.
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