Anybody notice that Tim Tebow ......

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ArmchairQB, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. ArmchairQB

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    ...reverted back to his windup in the Cincy-Denver game tonight? I guess all that hardwork on his throwing motion was for the draft. He was slinging from the hip all night tonight. :cool:
  2. Vintage

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    Its like anything else... under pressure, you revert back to old habits. He has been working hard on it from all accounts. But until its second nature, its not uncommon to revert back.

    I'll use golf as an example. Two years ago, my grip was shading towards a weak position too much. It took me an entire summer to correct that. And when I was faced with a difficult shot (like needing to carry 200 over water with my hybrid), I'd revert back to my old grip because it was a pressure situation.

    It takes time and practice to overcome that.

    Tebow isn't going to get that done in one offseason/training camp. He is a work in progress.

    He might never be able to overcome that. But a handful of months is not an adequate time to say one way or another.
  3. JustDezIt

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    i cant tell you how long i have waited to see this kid get popped like this....

    i dont hate the dude. like his character. but was so tired of him using his bigger frame to bully over college kids and have been waitin for the day when they big boys start poppin him when he tries to run.

    haha def watched that a couple time. wish i could slow it down.
  4. T-RO

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    Tebow took 50 bigger hits than than in college days. I feel sorry for the poor fools that tried to hit him. Oh, and did I mention, TOUCHDOWN, TEBOW.

    Your a hater with a very thin disguise, sm0kie.
  5. johnny utah

    johnny utah Guest

    Dude, he scored.
  6. T-RO

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    sm0kie13 must be a relative to some scrub who had the foolish notion of trying to tackle Tebow, and took it in the chin as Tebow scored.

    It's a funny thing, really.
    Trying To. Tackle. Tim. Tebow.
  7. jimmy40

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    I saw him go through two guys to score and it looked like one of them couldn't get up. That'll teach that damn Tebow.
  8. SaltwaterServr

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    Huh. Some founding members of the "Tebow is the Second Coming" fan club up in here. The guy has horrible mechanics and is a paler, slower version of a less athletic Michael Vick. He has no business taking snaps at this point in his career except as he did tonight, a third string back-up to finish out a useless game against similar scrub talent.
  9. jimmy40

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    why do Cowboys' fans get so butt hurt about other team's players?
    isn't there a RW thread to whine in?
  10. Joe Rod

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    I'm on board with you. The guy was one of the most popular popular college football players in many years, so he was bound to get a lot of attention. He will get his espn storylines through the end of preseason and then it will go away when the real football starts.
  11. Double Trouble

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    So it's unfair for a player to use his size to his advantage?

    What I hate are really fast guys who run away from people........
  12. Double Trouble

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    :lmao2: classic
  13. casmith07

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    And he did fine. Everyone wants to kill Tebow for his motion but Byron Leftwich and Kerry Collins still have jobs in the NFL - and Kerry Collins took a team to the Super Bowl with his brutal throwing motion, which is in my opinion MUCH worse than Tebow's.

    If he makes plays, he makes plays. Not everyone can throw like Marino.
  14. Muhast

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    It's because Tim Tebow is the first Christian athlete ever...

    Or at least that's how they make it seem lol.

    I dont hate him, I just hate the hype.
  15. Bonecrusher#31

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    He still suxs but I'm happy for him.

    He should get use to scoring like that b/c that's the only way he will score in the NFL when the games are for real.

    Tim Tebow, future All Pro Hof FB.
  16. 1fisher

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    psssst.... He scored and got up BEFORE the guy that hit him.... :lmao2:

    try again!
  17. VACowboy

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    His mechanics were so bad last night that he went 8/13 for 105.

    I'm pulling for Tebow. I LOVE seeing a linebacker playing QB.
  18. Doomsday101

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    Part of the learning process. It does not happen overnight.
  19. ArmchairQB

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    Don't kid yourself....Tebow was rocked on that play as well it again. Watch him when he is stood up after the play. If not for his teammates yanking him up, he would have been laying on the field trying to remember if his name was Tim....... or Moses...:D
  20. mrwarr16

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