Anyone else can't enjoy watching a Cowboys game anymore?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jesusphreak, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. jesusphreak

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    For the past two years or so I just can't enjoy Cowboys games. It always is a nerve-racking experience that no matter what kind of lead we have I expect us to give it up. It started with games like San Diego, San Fran, Oakland, Seattle, etc last year and Bledsoe. It has continued throughout this year.

    It just isn't fun watching them. You pretty much expect the team to collapse. That is never something you should get when watching a good team (they obviously aren't one). I now finally enjoy watching them on offense because Romo just does some awesome things, but that defense still rattles my nerves.

    Its a shame. We started losing at the beginning of the game and one of my friends said, "Come on, it is the Redskins, they suck." I knew better. When Romo threw the long pass to Witten at the end of the game to get in position for what was a pretty makeable field goal, one of my other friends said, "Game over." Again, I knew better.

    This team just doesn't finish games. It doesn't know how to play consistent for 4 quarters, it just has to get in the way of itself. Frustrating frustrating frustrating for fans and players alike.
  2. CrazyCowboy

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    Every other week it seems ok.......LOL
  3. TurtleTurds

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    im never relaxed,even with a 2 TD lead,im still worrying about giving up a big comeback and stuff
  4. sk0aL

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    It's hard to watch them because the expectations are so high. We've won 5 Super Bowls so we demand excellence. If we were perennial losers like the Lions or the Browns losses like this wouldn't be so bad. This team has just found miraculous ways to lose games for the past few seasons.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I didnt like losing today... I enjoyed watching Romo come of age...
  6. diehard2294

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    these days I have to take an extra BP pill before and after the game,no consistency,like a roller coaster: up and down!!
  7. CanadianCowboysFan

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    My heart was pounding today and I told my wife, one day she will wake up, come to the front room and see me on the floor dead.

    This team is taking a month off my life every week.
  8. bbailey423

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    which is why Bill will ride into the sunset after this year. Read between the lines about why Parcells ended practice early Friday. He knew Saunders/Gibbs would cook something up with 2 weeks to prepare. He knew the Skins would pull all the punches. He just cannot get the players to understand the desperation of the situation
  9. thekavorka

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    i enjoy any game with romo at qb
  10. BlueStar22

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    I still enjoy the games. can't wait til next sunday. I was so pissed to day I felt like the player should've been made to go to Arizona today and play the Cards.
  11. Boyzmamacita

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    After a win, anticipation of the next game is a lot of fun. After a loss, it's back to panic mode. But either way, during the game itself, it is totally nerve wracking because this team refuses to gain separation from an opponent. They even started slow against Tenn and Hou. You see the individual talent, especially on offense, but it just doesn't come together. And the defense has been a total disappointment. No pass rush. No coverage. No ball hawking mentality. Just bend and break week in and week out.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Yeah and?

    All the tape and all the study... Romo handled it like a ALL PRO. I dont get your point. The game was there to win... we blew it... they didnt outgame plan us...
  13. lspain1

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    So very true. I haven't enjoyed much this season except the 4th quarter of the Carolina game. Great expectations about a team that seems to lack character and find ways to lose. No more.
  14. sk0aL

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    I doubt coaches make professionals run wind sprints, bleachers, or up downs anymore, but if I was BP I would make the team be at Valley Ranch tomorrow at daybreak and run them till they puked.

    Good old fashioned discipline is what this team needs.
  15. EGG

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    There is a staggering level of spontaneous ineptitude by nearly every player on the team and there has been for years now,,, it's like they all take turns. Most alarming is the fact that Parcell's seems to have no control over the team and/or he lacks decent assistant coaches. Blame it on the meddling of Jerry, the fading of Parcells, "parity" or maybe even a voodoo spell,,, but this team refuses to be successful.

    On a positive note,,, Tony Romo KICKS BUTT~! :starspin
  16. Joe_Fan

    Joe_Fan Continuity Is Overrated

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    Since Romo started I must say that I enjoy watching us play again.

    I just get that feeling that we're never completely out of the game with him starting.

    Granted it's still early but he just has something special about him that we haven't had in a long, long time.
  17. CowboyJohn

    CowboyJohn New Member

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    Amen! I almost miss Dave Campo, as I at least knew we had no chance of winning with him.
  18. Dave_in-NC

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    It's a game. The players don't look to upset, why should I be? It's all about cash in todays NFL, not pride.
  19. fweegy

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    I consider watching Dallas play "work" anymore. Before yesterday's game I said to my buddy "Ok, time to go to work, let's watch the game". It's never fun anymore, I worry bout blowing it when we lead, I worry bout coming back when behind, I worry about penaltys on every play, worry, worry, worry.
    I have decided to smoke a carton of cigs a day just to see what will kill me first, cigs or Dallas. At this point I'd say it's 50/50.
  20. Road Warrior

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    You can add to all of these comments that I wont be watching Espn this whole week, I cant stand see over and over and over again highlights of our stupid mistakes


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