Anyone else think the Joneses sounded insane in the pressers?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JPostSam, Apr 28, 2013.

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    I've been a fan since the franchise started. I drank the sweet nectar of success - Landry's 20 years plus of consecutive winning seasons - myriad of playoff games and the SB trophies. I greatly enjoyed the Jimmy Johnson run with two SBs and his team that won another SB after he left - a team so good until the next coach won a SB while walking around eating a hot dog.

    I've also drank the bitter drink of watching my team becoming a second class NFL team where the tasteless, flat drink from a can that tasted like it had been opened for days. How the mighty has fallen!

    I do believe Garrett has a plan and is trying to implement it. I'm encouraged by the last couple of drafts that preceded this one. While I can see where all of this year's picks were good players and every one of them could make the team, and according to they all have a 2nd to 3rd rd grade. My hopes and expectations were yet higher than that. Again did they get good players? Probably! Did they get the best players? Doubtful!

    I'm not bashing anybody. I don't care to hear all of the posters jump on this post and tell me to go somewhere else. I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I was a fan as long as ANYBODY, and longer that the overwhelming majority of the fans on here.

    I've written a very long post, but I very seldom write. The question I have for the above poster is this: When you state that you are excited about a healthy Romo, please tell me what do you base your evidence on that Romo will be healthy for the entire season? Jerry states his opinion that the OL is our strength on the escape ability of Romo. I would be more assured of his health if he had a good line to protect him.
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    Very well stated. It amazes me the twisting that will go on to label anything that happens is "great." During the draft I was screamed down saying our #1 pick was always rated a high second rounder..after posting links of multiple sources saying otherwise I was told people like Mayock don't count and are wrong a lot. Then it comes out that A LOT of teams and people had him rated lower. Then they are called liars and hating the Cowboys. Then Mayock said he liked our draft and people swear he is a top evaluator. Unreal. People point to Lee, Murray, etc..all talented..all hurt a lot. I just wish for once that people were a little more objective about what is going on. Everyone wants the team to win. They just have a hard time seeing the direction at times when .500 has been the calling card after decades of success.
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    Jerry always sounds nuts to me.
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    In the past Jerry takes the DT at 18.

    As senile as he seems, though I think he missed his target as the Packers selected Dontare Jones with their choice a few picks later, it's obvious Jerry is still willing to learn.

    Applaud the pick of Frederick. You may be well served by DTs not being in Romos lap at the snap of the ball.
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    i don't know why this is complicated.

    if you sell your car for 10 grand when others are selling lesser cars for 13 grand, you're an inferior salesman.

    i don't have a problem with who they chose or where they chose him.
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    see above.

    it's not whom they picked or where they picked him, but what they got in the sale of the 18th pick, that seems like less than optimal value.
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    I think Jerry got a chemical peel for some reason. That's why he was red faced.
    He explained that the trade had to be seen as a package containing both picks,the two are worth more than a single pick,I quit worrying about the point spread after that and looked at the picks. The center appears coachable and I liked the TE's tape that they showed from the combine. Let the games begin!!!!
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    Apparently it is too complicated for you. Your comparisons are way off. Selling (or trading) draft picks which are unknown prospects is nothing like selling nickels or cars. Nickels have a known value and unless you are into currency trading, the value wouldn't fluctuate to where someone would give you 12 cents or 3 cents for them no matter how good of a salesman you are. The same can be said with cars (new). They have a known MSRP and invoice price. Whether or not you are a good salesman depends on how well you sell the customer on the car that they are willing to pay closer to the MSRP than the invoice price. And it could depend totally on the customer and have nothing to do with you as a salesman (i.e. a uninformed customer or a customer who has more time than money and doesn't mind paying a little more to save time visiting multiple dealerships).

    The players you eventually select from draft picks are prospects. No one knows for sure how well they'll turn out. They don't have a set value that you can look up in a book. People have often said that the draft is a crap shoot. You can do all your scouting and film study and make what seems to be a logical pick and the player may still bust.

    You can get caught up in getting the best deal for trading picks all you want. You can look at historical trades and determine values for picks and hope to win a trade. What's more important in the end is what do you with those picks. Let me ask you this. The Falcons traded their 1st, 2nd, and 4th round picks from 2011 and their 1st and 4th round picks from 2012 for Cleveland's #6 pick which they used to draft Julio Jones. The players who were selected with Atlanta's picks are Jonathan Baldwin, Greg Little, Owen Marecic, Brandon Weeden and Jarius Wright. Some people said that Atlanta gave up too much to get Julio Jones, but would you rather have him or the players that Cleveland (and their trading partners) got? In the meantime, Cleveland has finished 4-12 and 5-11 while Jones almost had 1,000 yards as a rookie and 1,200 last season while helping Atlanta go to the NFC Championship game.
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    you are obfuscating the issue. what you get for picks is one issue. whom you pick, and how they turn out, is another.

    regarding selling cars: you didn't repudiate my point, you proved it.
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    If you sell one and make 4000 or sell 5 cars and make 10000, who did better?
    You can brag about getting the full 4000 or you can hustle and make twice that.
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    I see what you mean.

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    They were decimated by injuries last year. Down to the 6th C and Bern and Livings both were both less than 100%. TSmith is still learning, but looks to be everything we hoped we was. TFred is a bull and instantly shores up the middle. The competition for the OG spots should be spirited and Parnell looked capable of handling RT. Add a FA and the line is OK and much better than last year. Romo is very elusive and creative and still threw for 5000 yds last year. Add in a couple new weapons and better playcalling and I am excited.
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    Don't you mean nonlinear regression?

    Wouldn't linear regression imply that the value difference between any two consecutive picks is the same regardless of their position in the draft.

    Moving from pick 180 to 170 would cost the same as moving from 35 to 25.

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