Anyone else tired of hearing about Brett Favre possible Retirement?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by BroGreg, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. BroGreg

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    I know TO has the main stage, but is Brett any worse at trying to in the media? He is making demands for upgrades as if he doesn't throw 4-5 INT's in some games.

    If he is going to retire then just come out and say and we call all look forward to that day.

    If not he really needs to stop putting himself in the media.

    If he is not sure then he needs to keep quiet until he is sure.

    We've been through this before. Either do it or don't do, but stop milking the media's time over it.
  2. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

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    I have been tired of hearing about Brett Farve for many years.
  3. Erik_H

    Erik_H Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun.

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    No. Right now I am loving it. I am still holding out hope that my unlikely theory will come true and that the Packers want Farve to stick around badly enough that they sign T.O.

    They have TONS of cap space...the fuse for most of last years t.o. firestorm was based in the supposition that 'with farve throwing him the ball, he'd be in the playoffs'

    There would be no better way to show Farve that the pack want to make a fast one year run than getting T.O.

    Yeah...i know...not gonna happen, but i can still dream.:(
  4. DLCassidy

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    Yes, it is incredibly boring. Let him take his 29 picks and head back to the Bayou. It's like reading every day the posters on this board threatening to quit being fans if TO is signed. Enough already.
  5. lkelly

    lkelly Well-Known Member

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    The words "**** or get off the pot, Brett" came out of my mouth yesterday.
  6. 32BellyOption

    32BellyOption Member

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    Actually, I'm more tired of talking about TO! LOL!
  7. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    I have never liked Favre since he laid down to give Strahan the sack record.

    I like him even less now that he is milking this for all the attention he can get.
  8. Mavs Man

    Mavs Man All outta bubble gum

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    I hope he doesn't pull a Barry Sanders. For the sake of the Packers he needs to decide soon so they can either build around him or start over. If he leaves they can either go with Aaron Rodgers or take their pick of the top three QBs in the draft next month (depending on what the Titans and Jets do).
  9. NorthDalal

    NorthDalal Member

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    What a delicious prospect for anyone grown tired of the Packer prodding about how VicodinBoy and The Babysitter Hottubber made then morally superior to the Cowboys in the 90's.
  10. ND Bronco Fan

    ND Bronco Fan New Member

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    I am equally as sick about Brett Favre as I am about Barry Bonds talk, any time I hear someone talking about either I change the channel.
  11. chinch

    chinch No Quarter

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    Nope, haven't given it any thought.
  12. Champsheart

    Champsheart Active Member

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    I have been sick hearing about Brett Favre for a couple years now.
  13. redskinsforever

    redskinsforever New Member

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    I've been sick of Farve. All he's doing is holding that team hostage.
  14. DallasEast

    DallasEast Cowboys 24/7/365 Staff Member

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    Just the thought of seeing Favre and Owens yelling at each other on the sidelines would be priceless. :)
  15. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    I don't agree.

    If it is a hostage situation, they are allowing it. They have already paid him bonuses to sit around and be indecisive. They didn't have to.
  16. yesfan

    yesfan Well-Known Member

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    The man should have been let go a couple of years ago.The
    fact that he would not mentor,tudor an up and coming QB,he
    should of been gone.Oh yeah,and throwing a ball down the
    middle of the field without looking,for an interception,i'm shocked
    that he's still on the team,and that was in a playoff game. I can't
    believe they still kept him on.
  17. Erik_H

    Erik_H Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun.

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    Yes, indeed it would.:laugh2:
  18. 1fisher

    1fisher Well-Known Member

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    I'd rather hear about him than you know who????:laugh2:
  19. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    I could care less about Brett Favre.

    But you really wanna know what I'm tired of:

    - Redskins this, Redskins that
    - Redskins going to cap hell
    - Redskins FA's are overpaid
    - Redskins FA's suck
    - Redskins, Redskins, Redskins
    - all the TO love

    That's what I'm sick of reading about ...
  20. texastwister

    texastwister Member

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    I also am sick of the Redskin crap

    Yes I wish Farve would just decide

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