Anyone for Samardzija?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by fortdick, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Unforgiven

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    Most likely he will want to be close to whatever football teams drafts him as well. He may get traded from the Cubs at some point.
  2. followthestar

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    If anything, I would expect to see just the opposite - but probably both will return. Parcells is NOT going to call it quits just when we're hitting our stride. He built this team, and I don't see him walking away from it when we're on the verge of being a true contender for several years to come. And I don't think Jerry will want to reliquish his cash cow TO, who sells tickets and jerseys and draws media attention. Both will be back, bank on it.

    I am more worried about Glenn - who is our deep threat if he comes up gimpy??? Crayton, Witten, Hurd are possession guys, we need a fresh face in the same mold as Glenn, IMO. But we won't be taking a WR until the 3rd rd earliest. First we need to improve our pass rush abilities (think LB), OL (we're an injury away from mediocrity again), and a FS/nickle CB/KR would be nice.

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    I like Samardzija as well. I actually hope he slips a bit. He would be a very good addition to our WR corps IMO. I guess we will see how it falls out.
  4. Unforgiven

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    Even if Owens stays. Especially if Owens stays, because we can get this guy and bring him along slowly as a third of fourth receiver, the backup at Owens position. That way, when Owens is gone in 2008, he would be ready to step in his position on the left.

    The other Domer I would love to get at Safety would be Tom Zibikowski. He is a great punt returner, and would be a very good Safety on special teams and in the Nickle. He could actually stick Shockey. But, he is also a professional boxer.
  5. Cochese

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    The last thing we need is another 'hit first' safety. Smardzija is a good player, but Zbikowski I think is highly overrated because he was the only decent player on the Irish defense.
  6. Unforgiven

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    I love the way everyone jumps to label Irish players as overrated.

    It's not even worth it....
  7. Cochese

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    Sorry, but what did he do this year?
  8. smarta5150

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    They didnt beat anybody.

    If your "stars" cant perform and play on "big" college stages then why should people expect them to perform on BIG stages in the NFL.

    Until they prove thmselves they are overrated.
  9. Cochese

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  10. Idgit

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    Now, how did I neglect to put this goomba on ignore the last time around? Silly me.
  11. Chuck 54

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    Maybe in the late 2nd or 3rd round, but I'd have a heart attack if we took him with our #1 pick.
  12. 32BellyOption

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    No way I would take Smardja in the 1st round! There are many other WR's in this draft more talented than him. If he were available in say the 4th I may consider him. Just another overrated, overyped golden domer.
  13. EPL0c0

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    Johnnie Lee Higgins Jr.
  14. VThokie7

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    I don't think he has baseball entirely on his mind. Lets not forget he was a mid-round pick in the baseball draft and his first season in MiLB was far from stellar. I think as long as he is in the first round he takes the football money. His baseball contract does not put him on the 40 man roster, so hes just making minor league money with a decent signing bonus. Don't forget the process, by the time you work your way through the minors into the majors then you have to work up to arbiration and finally free agency to get the cash. So I think he takes the football route without a doubt.
  15. Da Hammer

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    I would love him or Rice. the guy CAN FLY!!! No thanks on Samardzija, hes too slow we need a burner to eventually replace glenn
  16. sjordan6

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    Wow! I guess opinions dont cost much these days but you still decided to borrow yours from Skip Bayless. At least spend two cents on them. Parcells is a great coach who deserves an oscar for his performance with the media this season. He has not cuss anyone out and has not said anything negative about Owens. Owens is the problem. Not Tuna!
  17. Hostile

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    I like Samardzija but I don't want to draft him. In fact if we go WR and can't have Calvin Johnson, the guy I'd want is Dwayne Jarrett of USC.

    I think Jeff is too focused on baseball.

    I still have Laron landry as my top hope in the Draft.
  18. InmanRoshi

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    I don't see anyone playing for the Cowboys that isn't committed to participating in the offseason program.
  19. Hostile

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    Very valid point IR. Look at the fiasco this year.
  20. sjordan6

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    I with you on those picks and I pray that Jerry somehow is able to get johnson or jarrett but I know that is wishful thinking.

    I know there is no way we get Samardzija because he wants to play baseball. Parcells must have football guys and will not have a player who is focused on playing another sports. And certainly would not use a first day pick on him.

    I remember in an interview Parcells says he always asks a player where does football rank in your life? And if its not in the top three then he is not interested in the player (family and God is an acceptable top two).

    I strongly believe that Jarrett will be a realistic goal of draft but I think this will be a deep draft for receivers but Samardzija is not on the Cowboys radar nor should he be. He has good hand and good size but is severly too slow. Reminds me of Chris Collinsworth and he would not survive in todays league.

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