Anyone Going to the Draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Avery, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Avery

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    So I'm thinking of flying out to go watch the draft (God bless Jetblue). Anyone that has ever gone have any tips on when to arrive at the draft to get tickets or any nearby hotels/hostels whatever to stay at?

    Also wondering if it would be cheaper to rent a car or just take cabs.

  2. trickblue

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    DO NOT... I repeat... DO NOT attempt to drive in NYC (or Boston for that matter)... take a cab...
  3. fiveandcounting

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    Parking is very, very hard. Although on Sundays you can find some meters (but not for the whole day). Lots are very expensive. Take cabs.

    I went when Aikman and Maryland got drafted. I don't really remember the exact time, just get there early. 9am would be safe. Prepare to stand around, bring something to read.
  4. Cowboy from New York

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    I went to the draft with some friends the year we drafted T Newman. Wear some REALLY comfortable shoes because you'll be waiting in line a LONG time. Anyway, about midnight (show up at about 11:30-11:45) the night before the draft they open one of the ticket booths to give out tickets to the draft, they're free, and they will put a wrist band on you as well, I cant remember if the wristband or ticket is numbered but when you comeback in the morning there will already be a huge line, your early number should put you in the front as they are suppossed to go in order
    with the number you get. I suggest you find one of the few arena security people around and check this out with him as the people who came later then you and who have waited in line for hours will want to kill you when you stroll in front of them. After that line they sort of break up the lines in to "manageable" groups which is just waiting in smaller lines inside the Garden. By the way, the guy in the Eagle costume who screeches every five seconds will drive you insane, God forbid if he is there and the Eagles won the SB.
    As far as the hotel, I stayed in one right across from the Garden and could look out and see the lines forming in the morning. Sorry I cant remember the name but do a search or something and it will be listed on there as like 7/10ths of a mile away from the Garden, it was like the first one, it was cheap for NYC like 180.00 for the three of us but it was a little crappy, not terrible but a little shabby. But the location made it worth it. Also, as for the car, they will sock you with big storage charges and good luck finding somewhere to park it on your own. The hotel hit me up for like 75.00 for just an overnight for my car.
    Hope this was helpful.
  5. Avery

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    Note to self - do not drive a car. Easy enough as the NYC traffic would freak me out.

    Thanks for the info guys.

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