Anyone got info on this guy? Alabama DT

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Jan 24, 2005.

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    Any of you southern college team guys seen this guy play? Seems like a interesting pickup in the later rounds of the draft. If Parcells can do one thing it is to whip someone into physical shape (Larry Allen) or cut his butt if he doesn't (Blade).
    I see the flaws listed as far as pass rush but remember I'm thinking 4th round or later, everyone has some flaw when there taken on the 2nd day.

    Anthony Bryant

    Official Bio College: Alabama Height: 6-3
    Position: Defensive Tackle Weight: 336
    Class: Senior 40-Yard: 5.20
    Strengths: Massive frame to clog the middle...Does an excellent job versus the run...Very strong and can hold his ground...Shows good technique and knows how to use his long arms to his advantage...Has a lot of experience.
    Weaknesses: Won't provide much in the way of a pass rushing threat...Not a great athlete...Not fast or very quick...Out of shape and wears down late in games.
    Notes: Would be an ideal fit as a two-gap nose tackle for a team running a 3-4 scheme such as New England, Pittsburgh or Houston...Not a glamorous player but can play a role.
    - Scott Wright

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    He's a classic 3-4 NT. 345 pound load who never goes backwards. Is disruptive and a potential steal in this draft. There are stamina concerns but he is a Rookie that can share reps with a Vet NT. He's a Vince Wilfork like player and a sleeper.

    He's on my top 125.
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    Steal? In what round? At what number?
  4. Nors

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    My projection

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