Anyone here like radio drama

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by tiny tim, Apr 11, 2010.

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    There is something about radio drama that I have always liked. One thing is I like the idea be able to view a picture in my mind based on what I am hearing. I like to listen to old radio shows from the 1940's such as the Shadow and Escape and so on. I also like books that are turned into radio drama. I have 2 different radio dramas of the Lord of the Rings on Cd. One was the Mind's Eye radio drama that was first broadcast in 1979 and the other was the BBC that was first broadcast in 1981. Ian Holm who was the voice of Frodo in the BBc radio drama later was cast as Bilbo in Peter Jackson's live action movie version of the Lord of the Rings.
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    Yes, I grew up listining to radio shows. It also inspired a life long love of the written word. The best "movies" are in your mind. (that way every female lead can be Jennifer Anaiston)
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    There were a few inspirations that led me to start my novel. One of them was a story read during "Selected Shorts" on NPR. Great writing and I was really drawn into the story as it was narrated. I'm more likely to listen to a story read on the radio than I am to anything else.

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