Anyone know where I can find '06 game torrents?

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by VACowboy, May 13, 2007.

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    I'm really hardup for some Cowboys football.
  2. dargonking999

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  3. TheKey

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    can someone explain how to work the torrets to me please?
  4. LowTech

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    Get a DVD recorder and start recording all games. It gets us through the summer.
  5. Hoofbite

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    the torrent file itself is basically nothing more then the instructions. They are small files because they are just like a manual that tells the torrent program what to download.

    to use torrents you need a program....bitcomet, bittorrent......tons out there. You download the program and get it running and then download the torrent file. Most of the time I just open the torrent file because it doesn't take long to dl and opens right away. Anyway, your torrent program will open up and download from people who have that particular file and are sharing it.

    there are really useful because you can download multiple items without selecting multiple items. Like a CD. Instead of downloading the entire cd, song-by-song......just download the torrent and it automatically downloads each song.

    oh.....and is a good site for games......probably no one seeding (sharing) the game anymore cause its way old now.
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    tenyardtorrents has all the 06 games, but like a previous poster said they are hard to DL because nobody is seeding right now. I have been trying to DL a few of the 06 games as well as some classics, because of lack of seeding though you just gotta be patient. One of the coolest ones I got though was Superbowl X with Pittsburgh radio commentary. I wish it had the original Dallas radio broadcast, which odly enough was how I listened to the game as a young kid, because our TV was broken at the time and we didn't have the money for a new one, its a pretty darn good copy though.
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    try this site, they have some games from this year.........the Superbowl from this year has the most seeds but other games have some too.
  8. LowTech

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    My wife bought me a cowboy superbowl DVD set a few years back. I knew then she was a keeper. :D
  9. TwentyOne

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    During season they had all the games here

    Right now i could only find a few. But it's worth a try i guess.

    Thehoofbite explained it quite nice. I for myself use Azureus as my torrent Client. You can download it here: It's free. I would suggest using the 2.5 version. BTW: This is a java application. It comes as a bundle, you don't need to install the SUN Java Run Time Environment. But if you consider to install it anyways try using the v1.5update11 (here:;jsessionid=973B73D38F5267AAA6126E97F9B495B3) and not the new v1.6update01 one. I had problems to start Azureus with the later.

    Just install it and download the torrent files into the directory you specified in the preferences of Azureus. Azureus checks that directory frequently and starts downloading the corresponding file(s) itself.

    In the torrent network there are basicly two types of users:

    1. Seeders: Those are the people who have the complete download and "seed" it for others.
    2. Leechers: Those are the people who currently download. As you leech you also seed the parts you already downloaded (just like in eMule etc...).

    Look for Seeders in the hundreds to have good download rates.

    Good sites to look for files (not only football):

    Hope that helps a bit ;-)

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