Anyone need a "Bush Lite"..errr i mean "Light"?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Boys#1 95, Aug 6, 2014.

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    Hmm. I don't know. I'll take Dez Bryant in space over Dwayne Harris - any day, and twice on Sunday.
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    Funny how guys like Dartwan Bush step up, just when you think things are getting hopeless. Maybe the DL prospects we have in camp aren't so bad after all. I'll be looking for these young horses like Bush and Wilson in the game Thurs. Could prove interesting.
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    I'm not anti Dunbar but the mythology around this cat is funny to me. He's an empty vessel some fans can fill with fantasies of 60-yard TD runs. The Lord hath delivered on to us a scatback. He's not a Bush-lite or Charles-lite or Sproles-lite. There's nothing in his past to suggest he's even a Dexter McCluster. He's more likely a Ronnie Hillman.

    55 runs for 220 yards
    12 catches for 120 yards

    That's Hillman's line from last year's Denver team. Completely cutable. He's the 6th or 7th option on the team. Not saying it's likely he's cut, just that it's as likely that a reason to keep someone else arises. There are two spots for three RBs. His roster spot is certainly not in ink.
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    these reporters print all these articles and he has done nothing now they are praising the offensive line saying they are the best in the league wait until they play good team with good players on defense then see what they can do
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    #9 - You will not antagonize or harass the members in general.

    Just a reminder...everybody's opinions are welcome, but it's really easy for drive-by one-line negativity to get interpreted as the trolling it looks like. I'd encourage you to dive in and participate in the conversations instead of doing nothing but insult the team.

    So, to your point: what can you possibly see in this young, deep, talented OL that has you suspecting it's not going to live up to expectations?
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    1. Wrong thread.
    2. I wish
    3. Me too
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    1. Oops, my bad -- hate it when that happens.
    2. They're coming on lately as situational pass rushers.
    3. Someone's gotta do it -- they're both quick & speedy. Yesss!

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