Anyone notice Deion Sanders wore a Cowboys logo?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. dfense

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    His attitude at times turns me off on NFL network. Kinda full of himself.
  2. jrumann59

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    From the photos of the practice it looks like Deion and Dez have buried the hatchet.
  3. jobberone

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    Not sure I've ever said anything adverse about a former player but I don't consider him a player of any team really. He may have been the first mercenary. I still love the guy and the unbelievable talent he had. It will likely be some time before we see the like. The Chinese have saying, Jue shi er du li; it will be an age before someone this rare comes along.
  4. jobberone

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    This is an odd comment coming from you.

    And I've never seen Garrett viewed in the same light as Tom Landry. Comparing the two in some aspects might be appropriate but I've never seen anyone say Garrett is a Tom Landry. If that's what you meant.
  5. revospeed

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    I thought he retired a Raven.
  6. jobberone

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    I think he retired while on the Ravens. I don't know if he signed for a day to retire somewhere else.
  7. jobberone

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    I cannot find where he officially retired other than once with the Redskins which allowed him to keep some signing bonus and again with the Raven. Does anyone know differently?
  8. Zordon

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    I've made the comment before. I've never been on a fan site where so many have disrespectful things to say about past legends. Go look at the Emmitt Smith thread. I knew as soon as I opened it that someone would bring up the "diamond" comment and use it as reasoning to tell him to "shut up". I've seen lots of disdain for Deion on here and during debates, folks have belittled Aikman when trying to prop up their boy Romo on here ("Romo would have won 4 Super Bowls on those teams"...."Aikman would have been nothing if he had to play behind this horrid line".....really guys?). The Garrett/Landry comparisons were much more numerous 2 years ago on here but I think you recall some making the connections through their demeanor, rules, early records as was straight blasphemy to me. Overall it's just a quirky observation I've made during my time on here. It's not everybody who does it, but it's a vocal enough minority that makes me wonder why so much hostility towards our past legends who actually ya know, won super bowls for this franchise?
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  10. TrailBlazer

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    Lol what's Troy suppose to say? Troy is classy, of course he s going to compliment romo. But in reality, Troy won this franchise multiple SBs, tony isnt even close to aikman's level.
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  11. Boyzmamacita

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    With the 90s defense and offensive weapons, Romo would do just fine. He's not as accurate as Aikman, but Romo would excel with that supporting cast. Admitting that doesn't belittle Aikman in any way.
  12. RonSpringsdaman20

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    the man gave his body to us,
    played both sides of the ball,
    left one of our rivals to play the rest of his prime with us.

    I loved Deion, always considered him a cowboys (and of course a Nole :D)

    And he considers himself a cowboy as well.
  13. BlueStar22

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    It probably wasn't' by choice. The Star is marketable.
  14. daveferr33

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    No offense. I wasn't even aware I was saying something controversial.

    Just seemed like he was passing through on route to the many teams for which he played.

    Took a serouis paycut to play for the 49ers so that he could win a ring.

    Then took 21 million from Jerry because he had his ring and it was time to get paid.

    Had no problem going to Washington. Is one of the biggest Romo haters in the media. And the franchise he played for that he speaks most glowingly of is the Ravens.
  15. AmericasTeam81

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    Charles Haley or Demarcus aware? I'd take Haley.
  16. Nav22

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    Troy had no obligation whatsoever to claim that Tony is better than he ever was. In fact, he wasn't even ASKED if Tony is better. He offered up that assessment on his own.

    I don't care how classy he is, I've never heard of a legendary ex-player stating that an inferior current player is better than he was just to "be classy".

    Tony "isn't close to Aikman's level" only in the delusional minds of those who don't know football and think QBs win/lose on their own.
  17. Afigueroa22

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    The guy is so one sided it's ridiculous. I don't understand how a person can be so confident in his opinion, because that's what it is, that he has to call out the whole site. Thank you for driving away the quality posters, Zordon.
  18. viman96

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    I noticed and mentioned it in the game thread.

    You have to remember Sanders will do whatever generates the biggestest headlines.

    Each time he changed teams was a calculated move. He intentionally went to the rival of the team he was leaving.

    Falcon > 49ers > Cowboys > Redskins > Ravens
  19. Irvin88_4life

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    Deion was a great addition to the Cowboys and think of him that way. Does Larry Brown get two INTs to seal the Championship with out Sanders on the other side and become MVP?

    Deion is a Cowboy and anybody that says different lets personal opinion over ride fact.

    Same with Haley coming in, huge for that defense
  20. WPBCowboysFan

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    Kinda? Can you name anybody more full of himself than Deion?

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