Anyone notice improved offense efficiency when in hurry up and shotgun?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LarryCanadian, Dec 5, 2005.

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    This is bugging me a bit. When the defence has us cold we don't adjust well. As soon as we started hurrying to the line of scrimmage, all of a sudden we had 10 points and should have been more. Defenses have been timing our snap count for at least 3 weeks, and while they are getting offsides a ton, they are also in our backfield before our oline stands up half the time. No exaggeration. Just look at the forced fumble for a touchdown yesterday.

    When we hurried up or go shotgun I think we are more effecient and yet stubbornly we seem to go with these super slow handoff run plays and these pass plays where our center, and both tackles are being pressed back so quickly that Bledsoe is squished in pocket. Even a mobile quarterback would have nowhere to go the way our pocket collapses and I think one of the main reasons is that other teams are getting off the snap faster than our own team is.

    I would love to see more shotgun and slant passes to Crayton if he's truly healthy. He has the size, and big strong catching hands, and the yards after catch ability to turn those quick slants into yards and keep defenses more honest.

    I'd also really like to see our running backs be used as outlet receivers more. If we are going to show max protect all the time then let the rb's chip and then get open for the catch. Just like 3-5 years ago, I always felt Emmitt was open for a 4-6 yard gain after staying in to block, but the checkdown never seems to get there?!

    Just some thoughts. Our offense really took off when we finally had a sense of urgency and got to the line quick. We started dictating the tempo. Sheesh do that more please!

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    Nice observation the offense did seem to be better yesterday when they sped up the pace a little bit. But when have we ever gone shotgun?
  3. Kilyin

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    Every game except yesterday.
  4. Vertigo_17

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    Bill talked about shotgun today at Press Conf. Doesn't sound like an option with Gurode in at C according to Bill.
  5. Eddie

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    The sense of urgency led to a total of 3 points.

    Eli handed us 7 points with his INT to Glenn.

    Otherwise, they stump us 17-3.

    Sense of urgency made no difference ... they still beat the crap out of us.

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