anyone with Bio's on DJohnson and Merrimen

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    I am curious the strenghts vs weaknesses. I didn't see any games with Johnson but I like what I have seen from Merrimen. I wonder too if we took DJ with the 11th and merrimen was their at 20 if we would take him as well. I wouldn't mind 2 playmakers, even though their are alot of needs. Thoughts
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    The Huddle Report
    Derrick Johnson

    Derrick might be the purest athletic LB in this draft. He has excellent speed and loves to run down plays going away from him. He is excellent in the passing game because he is very quick and has an excellent burst to the ball. He has nice long arms that help him to defend passes and has pretty good hands for the interception. Derrick is a big play impact LB in the college game.

    Needs to Improve:
    Derrick loves to make the play in the running game as long as it is away from. On film he doesn’t stand up strong against the run when it is straight at him.

    Bottom Line:
    Right now, Derrick is rated very high because he has such great athletic talent for his position. The reality is that he has a big hole in his game when a running back runs right at him. He ducks the tackle, turns sideways, drops his head and doesn’t wrap up. Derrick is outstanding in the passing game or when the play goes to the other side. He is outstanding when blitzing the QB. The problem comes when the RB comes right in his face -- that’s when he backs off. For me, this is a big problem because first of all, it limits Derrick in my mind to just a one-position player. By that, I mean he can’t play the MLB position. Some scouts (because of all of his other skills and talents) will overlook this little problem. For me personally, I would draft Derrick -- but not until later in the draft, late 1st early 2nd. To me, this is not a little problem. Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive are the basics of the LB position. If you don’t like to do the basics of the position you play, maybe you should move to another position. Or play soccer…now, there’s a sport where you can show your athletic ability by running after people and you don’t have to tackle them at all. Derrick will be drafted and make a lot of great plays, but when the chips are down aand the other team needs three yards on fourth down, they will run his way every time and get it.​

    NFL Draft Blitz

    Derrick Johnson
    School: Texas
    Position: Weakside Linebacker
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 235lbs
    Birthday: 11/22/82
    40 Time: 4.52 (estimated)

    Speed is one of Derrick’s biggest strengths. He has the ability to cover sideline to sideline. He has proven to be an accomplished blitzer and shows good instincts on the field. Coverage is an area that Derrick also has a good amount of success in.

    The biggest weakness in his game has to be his strength and the ability to shed blockers. This could be a problem for him in the NFL, if he doesn’t make strides to improve in these areas.

    Overall Analysis:
    Derrick Johnson appears to be the best senior outside linebacker available in the 2005 NFL Draft, and as of now I would say that he has a better than even chance of being drafted in the top half of the first round. Johnson was an immediate impact player at Texas, totaling 83 tackles (13 tackles for loss) as a freshman in 2001. Johnson’s statistics as a senior are solid across the board, but the real eye-catching number is the 8 forced fumbles he has been credited with during the team’s first 10 games of the season. Johnson has a great package of linebacker skills that includes size, speed and overall athletic ability. He displays great range on the football field, and has been a difference maker from the weak side linebacker position as a college player. But while Johnson appears to be a tough, physical player when attacking the ball carrier, he isn’t as physical when he is away from the ball. He does have trouble taking on and defeating blockers, and even though he has the size and skill to play any linebacker position, he may only maximize his potential if he remains on the weak side of the defense once in the NFL. Johnson is an excellent linebacker prospect, but personally I don’t feel he carries an elite type grade that would guarantee him a selection within the draft’s first ten picks. Nonetheless, barring injury Johnson will be a first round pick and has a better than even chance of being selected within the top half of round one.

    Reminds You Of:
    Julian Peterson​

    The Huddle Report:
    Shawne Merriman

    Shawne is you typical explosive 3-4 DE/OLB. He has LB skills and DE pass rushing skills. He has an excellent burst off the line, but can also cover a TE in a short space. He is smart and if a team takes time and bulks him up, then he just might be a DE with the same talent as Aaron Schobel, a 2nd round draft choice for the Buffalo Bills.

    Needs to Improve:
    As an LB, he is a little locked in the hips, which hurts him when defending against the pass. As a DE, he needs to bulk up and learn more tricks of the trade.

    Bottom Line:
    Don’t get me wrong…this kid is not a tweener. He will impact at the next level, but the team that drafts him will have to decide how they are going to use him and then commit to it. He reminds me a lot of Mike Vrabel and Aaron Schobel when they came out and he should impact for the team that drafts him just as those two players have done. He will be a core player and a fan favorite and will challenge for a Pro Bowl spot just as soon as he finds the position that suits him the best. A lot of teams should be looking at Shawne, but of course, a team that uses a 3-4 defense better get this kid quick because in that defense he will get on the field very quickly and impact. In a 4-3, he will take time to improve. but no matter who drafts him, they will get an excellent player.​

    NFL Draft Blitz
    Shawne Merriman
    School: Maryland
    Position: Defensive End
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 245lbs
    Birthday: 5/25/84
    40 Time: 4.60 (estimated)

    A great athlete who has learned to play with is hand in the dirt and could be used as a pass rushing linebacker as well. Merriman has very good speed (4.6) and does a great job in pursuit. He has been the man for the Terps defense this year and has really shown a dominating side that we had not seen.

    A ‘tweener, some teams will like him at defensive end and others will like him at outside linebacker. I would not be surprised to see a cover-2 team try him inside in workouts. He has never really been exposed to pass coverage, so he will have to learn that from scratch. If he is to stay at end, he’ll need to gain weight fast.

    Overall Analysis:
    A very good defender that is not one-dimensional like some of the ends we have seen in recent years. He has been best known as a pass rusher, but he has the athleticism to play standing up. Merriman’s draft stock will be dependant on how well he does in workouts and if a team feels like they can use him at end or outside linebacker.

    Reminds You Of:
    Terrell Suggs​
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    click here for DJ

    and here are some stats......

    TACKLES G UA A Total TFL-Yds PD FF FR Blkd
    2001................ 12 55 24 79 15-55 2 2 2 0
    2002................ 13 74 45 119 13-30 12 0 0 0
    2003................ 13 78 47 125 20-51 13 1 3 0
    2004................ 12 73 57 130 19-52 9 9 0 1
    TOTAL............... 50 280 173 453 67-188 36 12 5 1

    SACKS G UA A Total Yds
    2001................ 12 4 1 4.5 29
    2002................ 13 2 0 2.0 4
    2003................ 13 2 0 2.0 10
    2004................ 12 2 0 2.0 15
    TOTAL............... 50 10 1 10.5 58

    2001................ 12 0 0 0 0 0.0 0.0
    2002................ 13 4 85 0 25 21.2 6.5
    2003................ 13 4 92 1 47 23.0 7.1
    2004................ 12 1 18 0 18 18.0 1.5
    TOTAL............... 50 9 195 1 47 21.7 3.9

    453 tackles.....67 TFL.....36 passes defended.....12 FF's.....10.5 sacks.....9 int's.....and I'd be suprised if he's still there at #11.
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    thanks,doesn't seem like we could go wrong with either,strong motors and both play with passion we need that in the worst way.

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    I, for one, would not be disapointed with a selection of DJ and Merriman in the first round. If we were able to do this, that would make me a believer in the fact that we would be succesful for a long time to come in a 3-4. The key to a 3-4 is the NT, no question about that but the LBs are the play makers. You line up DJ off the edge and make Merriman your strong side OLB and you can dominate some teams defensively. My old knees and worn out back would be doing hand springs on the front lawn if we were able to get both of these guys.
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    both would be nice but not likely- I ll gladly take either one and troy williamson- wr from South carolina- burner with good hands

    Here is who I would compare them too

    Derrick Johnson is like Derrick Brooks- can fly around and make plays in space- is a little smaller than most but great quickness and playmaking athleticsm make up for it.

    Shawn Merriman- ideal 3-4 outside backer- has a great motor- also is a playmaker and is very good in space and very good rushing the passer- strength is going forward and attacking weakness is defending the pass on defense. Workout warrior-

    Player most like- young McGinest-Young Chad Brown with more attitude

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