AP’s son severely beaten, dies,...mother's BF arrested

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 11, 2013.

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  2. WoodysGirl

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    Tragically, our source says Adrian’s son is not expected to survive his injuries. The plan is to take him off a ventilator this evening and donate his organs.

    “Unless God provides some sort of miracle, he’s gone,” she said.

    A woman in Sioux Falls who is close to the mother involved in the tragic story about Adrian Peterson’s two-year-old son says the fact AP had a child living in Sioux Falls was “a secret.”

    She said the mother of the child had a casual relationship with AP when she lived in the Twin Cities (she’s since moved to South Dakota). She became pregnant, but wasn’t sure about the identify of the father “until just recently.” A paternity test revealed that the dad was indeed Adrian Peterson. Our source says Peterson isn’t identified as the father on the birth certificate of the child, who goes by his mother’s last name.

    Read more at http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/...ally_beaten_by_man_dating_mother_of_child.php
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    these details about the secrecy of Peterson's paternity is totally overlooked by ESPN coverage I just saw, adds a whole new slant on this story. Also did not touch on the actual condition of the infant, my condolences. As it sounds now, the mother's "meal ticket" is now removed, I wonder if this may have been a motive by Patterson. Crazy situation. Prayers for all involved.
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    You molest or kill/severely injure a child, you should be done
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    Quickly and publicly, .. it should be common knowledge that in America, .. we have our kids back.

    Mess with our children? You have messed up big time, .. you are done, .. don't even ask for mercy.

    Instead, we have child molesters living free all around us. Check the website.

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    While I agree with the sentiments here please don't introduce politics into this thread.
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    AP is a great person, as well as a great football player. Tough to see this happen to such a good man
  8. jobberone

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    This is extremely saddening as is all the multiple cases of domestic and child abuse every day of the year every year, year in and out. May this family, friends, and all those involved find resolution and peace in time.
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    The boy has died.
  10. JohnsKey19

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    This is sickening. So sorry an innocent CHILD had to be the victim in this tragic case of physical abuse.
  11. Idgit

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    There's a special spot in Hell....
  12. Achilleslastand

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    There should be a special set of rules that apply to criminals of this nature.
    They involve.....
    An open field.
    1 round from an assault rifle
    And all healthy organs harvested.
  13. jobberone

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  14. k19

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    Thoughts and prayers to AP and his family, RIP
  15. gambit187

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    Wiping the tears away.....Praying for AP and his family...the loss of a child is unbearable...
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    Unimaginable pain.
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    So sad to hear this, condolences to AP and his family.
  18. landroverking

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    Not a AP fan but no one should have to go thru this. Thoughts and prayers with AP.
  19. BoysFan4ever

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    Bad week for the NFL. This involving a player's son & while not tragic the Schaub fiasco.

    And both stories were confusing regarding the reporting.
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    this is a case where cruel and unusual punishment would be justice. Drawn and quartered maybe; see if any Apache's still know how to skin a person and keep them alive for a week doing it; etc.

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