News: AP: Cowboys hoping small changes make a big difference

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    By JAIME ARON (AP) – 2 hours ago

    IRVING, Texas — The daily routine was different for the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday, one of the small changes coach Wade Phillips hopes will make a big difference Sunday.

    Phillips vowed changes were coming in the wake of an 0-2 start, but wouldn't say what they'd be. After talking through various options with his staff, he ended up making only subtle shifts such as shaking up the players' schedule and running more plays in practice.

    "I don't want to panic, but I do want to try to do something that helps our team get better," he said. "Sometimes, those are minor changes."

    He did not make any lineup changes because he still believes the Cowboys can live up to their lofty expectations.

    "I've never been around a team that has any better attitude, that's worked any harder to try getting it back on the right track," he said. "Those are good signs."

    Phillips also brought up urgency and being more focused in practice. He said the mistakes that need to be eliminated go far beyond obvious things such as dropping passes or missing tackles. It's things such as hand placement, footwork and the crucial element of being in the right place at the right time.

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    Some points of focus from the article, provided by PLAYERS:

    We've just gotten to sharpen the little things up," linebacker Anthony Spencer said. "That's the biggest thing for us right now, making sure the little things get done during the week and get ready for the game on Sundays."


    Phillips certainly wasn't going to change his style.

    He thinks screaming at players makes them tune out, not listen to what's needed to correct their mistakes. Spears said if anyone needs a whipping, "you go give it to yourself."

    Now, 'training bra,' go dry out your panties. And if you come back in with a smile, we MIGHT allow you back on the Cowboy's fan wagon. As if you cared for the type of ride by other patrons in the least.
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    Small changes is all it will take, in my opinion.

    Fans tend to over-react to everything and blame everyone.

    The problem with this team has been all of the "little" mistakes. It's a stupid penalty here, a drop there, an ill-timed bad throw, a blown coverage from someone you wouldn't expect, a missed tackle...Just a bunch of little things.

    And I think everyone on this team has made at least one of these little mistakes. And usually one right behind the other.

    So yes, I can understand the frustration. I am too. But I also believe that a few little changes will help a lot.

    Ultimately, they are still going to have to make these changes though - and not just talk about it. That's why they play the game.
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    On offense -- stop rotating so many players so often. Get back to basics.
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    I agree. With the RB's it's just kind of random. Leave someone in liong enough to see what kind of rythem he can get into instead of making a change for change sake.

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