Apart from Week 17, the two most important games are WAS @ PHI and DAL @ NYG

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Red Dragon, Oct 27, 2013.

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    I'll play along:

    vs Minnesota W (5-4) -- We go back home, we're angry, we're desperate and Romo has a huge game against a declining and weak defense. We get back on the winning track.

    @ N.O. L (5-5) -- This game is our early playoff/Super Bowl type game. I say we lose, but we can very easily play Denver ball and win. It's almost a second home game travel wise, some Cowboys fans in attendance, and if we manage to beat Brees, Payton, Ryan & Co. We're basically division champs, we have all the momentum and we can say we're for real. That however is only a dream, since I think 5-5 is more likely than 6-4.

    BYE. We heal, we rest, we focus, get ready to travel to NY.

    @ NYG W (6-5) -- It'll be cold, it'll be tough, it'll be wild. Big plays by our big names help us win the game, Giants are almost eliminated from playoff contention. Eli with yet another multi-INT game.

    vs Oakland W (7-5) -- Playing at home won't make things easier. Oakland is young, they are tough to defend and at times unpredictable on offense, ultimately their youth comes back to bite them and we pull a close win thanks in large to the Special Teams.

    @ Bears L (7-6) -- Bears are losing games, their entire team is going downhill and nothing stops their losing ways, except the Cowboys, the weather will be a factor, but Romo was born in Wisconsin and he is used to this midwest cold, he turns in a mistake-free performance, Murray finally has 100 yards after all these games, Cowboys lose a low scoring heartbreaker on MNF. Romo's TD streak is broken, yet the team is not devastated, barely above the .500 mark, but playoffs are not far.

    vs Green Bay W (8-6) -- This is my upset pick. Packers will not be very healthy, Rodgers goes off, but so does Romo, Dez is the difference here at home. Ware with a huge game, and Claiborne pick 6 performance seals the game in the late 4th quarter. Cowboys establish themselves as an official playoff team, and Seahawks or Niners will have a tough game in AT&T Stadium, they are not to confortable with us.

    @ WSH L (8-7) -- RGIII is injured, the NFC East perfection is ruined, and Cousins pulls in a magical performance over our depleted secondary. Santana Moss and J. Reed walk all over us, and despite our best efforts to come back in the game, time just isn't enough. Reality check for the coaches and the players, Week 17 is meaningless, but the playoffs are not, Can they come back?

    vs Eagles W (9-7) -- Defense jumps out first, Eagles are chaos in every aspect of the game, Romo takes advantage, Williams breaks the 800 receiving yards as a rookie, and defense manages to allow less than 10. Cowboys on a high note going into the playoffs!
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    i think we go 8-8.

    they need to win 2 of the 3 remaining division games for tie breaker purposes.
  3. Staubacher

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    I'm leaning that way with a 9-7 shot. Depends on injuries we are getting worse and worse there.

    We need a huge splash trade at this point but it wont happen
  4. Mookie

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    8-8 sounds more realistic than my prediction. I have a question for you however; do you think 8-8 puts us in the tournament?
  5. Zordon

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    i think so. studying the other teams' schedules, i don't think any of them get to 9-7. there's an outside shot the skins get to 8-8 which is why i said we need to win 2 of the final 3 division games so we only have 1 loss in the division. skins and giants already have 2 losses in the division. eagles are done with vick out.
  6. Hoofbite

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    I would say that New Orleans, Green Bay and Chicago (maybe not now) are important.

    If this team can't find a win in one of those games, or at least avoid throwing the games outright to those teams, I'm not sure it really matters what happens from here on out. If they can't play sound ball an walk away without all the millions of "what ifs", they're not going to be able to do that in playoffs.

    I don't buy the "get in and see what happens" mantra. If you constantly throw away games with costly fumbles at the goal line, fail to use your playmakers, or flat out have a collapse starting at the top down then you just aren't going to survive the playoffs.

    The only thing this team should be excited about right now is that they play in the worst division in the league and have been gifted all the leeway in the world to screw up and still come out on top of the division.
  7. Mookie

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    There's an outside shot indeed. And it looks like a favorable schedule for the Skins.
    They play:

    vs. Chargers
    @ Vikings
    @ Eagles
    vs. Niners
    vs. Giants
    vs. Chiefs
    @ Falcons
    vs. Cowboys
    @ Giants

    If the Chargers, Niners and Chiefs beat them, which on paper they should, and they win the rest of their games, that puts them at 8-8, so indeed there is a decent shot they may win 8 games after all. Supposedly they finish 8-8 Cowboys need a win in WSH or else could be 2012 all over again.

    Damn their schedule looks good.
  8. Red Dragon

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    The 2011 Giants would probably disagree.
  9. Eric_Boyer

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    the Eagles are a really really bad team right now.

    I am not concerned with them at all. The redskins are improving however, and could get back into this if we don't start winning some games.
  10. CaptainCreed

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    Chicago game will depend on Cutler being healthy or not. Why did we have to play the vikings, raiders, and rams at home instead of swapping some of those with these Detroit, Saints, chiefs, chargers or bears road games man. Road schedule this year is turning out to be killer, no cupcakes at all. Good teams win on the road, we keep finding a way to lose.
  11. ufcrules1

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    I wouldn't worry about the Giants. They still have the Packers, @ Chargers, and Seahawks on their schedule. Those games alone will take them to 9 losses. They also have a game @ Detroit. Sure, they beat a pathetic Eagles team yesterday, but don't kid yourself, that team is DONE. Eagles are also done. Only team with a shot in hell is Washington but I'm not worried about them either.
  12. Mookie

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    I agree. But if you win at home, and play .500 ball on the road, chances are you will make the playoffs. We still have to improve.

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