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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Maikeru-sama, Aug 18, 2009.

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    I have a $1.00 charge on my credit card after purchasing my IPhone and registering with ITunes.

    I have looked through my ITunes Purchase History to see if I accidentally downloaded an app that isn't free, and all the apps I have downloaded are free.

    Is the $1.00 fee just a test credit card transaction from ITunes (kind of like PayPal does)?

    I just want to make sure there isn't someone out there that has gotten my credit card from ITunes and making purchases on ITunes.
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    They charge $1 to your account to verify if the account is active, and currently has a positive balance.

    That's the only reason they do it. If a charge of $1 goes through, it lets them know that you're in the position to actually do business with them and buy the music they are going to start trying to sell you.

    It's actually a Pending Charge, or what banks call an "Authorization". Within 7-10 days the $1 will be put back into your account.
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    Apple is satan. They are going to rob you blind.
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    no they're not. :p:

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