April 9 Mock Draft Results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Michigan- 3
    Oklahoma- 3
    Auburn- 3
    Wisconsin- 2
    Texas- 2
    USC- 2
    Georgia- 2
    Florida State- 2
    Wisconsin- 2
    All others- 1

    DE- 6*
    CB- 5
    WR- 5
    DT- 4
    RB- 3
    OT- 3
    QB- 2
    S- 1
    TE- 1
    OG- 1
    OLB- 1
    MLB- 0

    *= some DEs chosen may be OLB in pros
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    I have no problem trading a few spaces at a time, but falling to end of round 1 makes us pretty passive.

    Then again 2006 is setup rather nicely, but while we'll have ammo to move up to get people they'll also know about all the ammo we have and want a kings ransom. Eventually you have to take top notch talent when you can.

    2005 equals 1 solid starter, 2 guys who might get on the field when we are in the 3-4

    2006 looks to be two pretty late 1st's (we hope) and 3 late 2nds.

    If the picks turn out wahoooo, but there is a bigger margin for error than I like.

    There is a reason you have a guy at 11 on your board he's better than the guy you have at number 27.
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    That's my problem if your going to trade #11 then trade down a little and use the 20 to trade out of round 1. Dropping from #11 and leaving yourself with only the 20 this year is to much of a risk.
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    The Browns have more needs than they do picks. Not being able to move down from the third spot didn't exactly help things much either. None of the Defensive players warranted a pick as high as 3 in my book and I figure with the Baltimore influences the new drafts strategy was Best Player Available regardless of position. As much as they need impact players they also need quality depth as well. Quality over quantity was the mindest of this draft.

    Round 1
    Mike Williams WR USC

    Strengths: Great size...Very good hands...A terror in the red zone...Has a nose for the end zone...Will out-leap and out-muscle any cornerback...Put up some huge numbers and was the star on a National Championship team.
    Weaknesses: Lacks excellent pure speed...Only played two years of college football...Needs to refine his overall game...Must master the nuances of the position...Will have to shake off the rust after not playing in 2004.

    Talent like this don't come around every year. The combination of Williams, Bryant, and Winslow could cause some serious problems for opposing D's especially if the running game develops with Suggs and Droughns

    Round 2
    Odell Thurman

    Strengths: Good natural athletic ability...Has good speed and quickness...Brings a lot of toughness to the position...Good tackler...Moves and changes direction well...Still improving and has a lot of potential.
    Weaknesses: Has had some off the field trouble as recently as the '04 season when he was suspended early on...Has only average size...Doesn't have a lot of experience...Raw and far from a finished product.
    Notes: Has a lot of potential and has played well...Still has a lot of question marks surrounding him...Had a rough upbringing with both of his parents passing away and came out early to support his family.

    This one wasn't my pick and wasn't even on my board at the time. My first choice was actually Brodney Poole, followed By Darryl Blackstock, Kevin Burnett, and finally Channing Crowder. For whatever reason I didn't get my picks.

    Round 3
    Jason Campbell

    Strengths: Has excellent size...Has a big league arm and can make all the throws...Top natural athletic ability...Can run and scramble a little...Solid character and a hard worker...Still has a lot of upside and potential and may have turned the corner in 2004.
    Weaknesses: Has been very inconsistent throughout his career...Doesn't read defenses well...Holds onto the ball too long and doesn't have a great feel for the pass rush...Makes poor decisions...Has to work on his technique and mechanics...Was aided by a tremendous running attack and great defense.
    Notes: Highly touted recruit who finally began living up to his potential as a senior after a very up and down career...Was a one year wonder but has all the physical tools and will likely be among the top handful of signal callers drafted...Boom or bust type of prospect.

    This was the QB I had my eye on the whole draft. Feeling Campbell was just as good and had just as much upside as the top 2 QB's he was an excellent pick at 67

    Round 4
    Jonathan Goddard DE Marshall

    Strengths: Highly productive and one of the top sack artists in the country as a senior...Very athletic...Has good speed and a burst to close on the quarterback...Has a strong upper body...Very quick off the line...Instinctive.
    Weaknesses: Vastly undersized, both in terms of height as well as weight...Will be a liability against the run...Will likely only be a situational pass rusher in the pro ranks.
    Notes: Really put himself on the map with an outstanding senior campaign...Won't be a high draft pick but the NFL is always looking for pass rushers which will get him more than a look...Could project to OLB in the NFL, especially in a 3-4 defensive scheme.

    Although it was against "lesser" competition Goddard was still tops in the NCAA last year in sacks with 16. First in Sacks, 2nd in Forced fumbles and second in tackles for loss last season alone.
    TACKLES 78.0
    SACKS 16.0
    1 interception, 3 fumbles recovered, 2 touchdowns, 5 pass breakups, 1 punt block
    I think he's be a perfect fit for a 3-4 OLB and IMHO a steal in the 4th
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    Cheifs: Team Needs - WR, CB, DL, LB

    1st Round - CB: Carlos Rogers.
    - With Antrel Rolle and Pac Man Jones already off the board at pick #15 the Cheifs stood their ground and went with the next Corner Back on thier list and selected Carlos Rogers. He's been riseing on many draft boards and some have him rated higher then Pac Man and even Rolle. With the uncertainess of the trade for Surtain they had to select him.

    2nd Round - DE: Chris Canty
    - With the depature of Hoilday the Chiefs knew they'd have to sure up the line and pick someone to fill the spot or compete with last year's rookie. He'll fit right in.

    3rd Round - ILB: Kirk Morrison
    - Although not the biggest ILB he'll fit in fine. With the questions on the injury front of Shawn Barber and Scott Fugitia the Cheifs needs to select a LB in case they don't come back at 100%.

    4th Round - WR: Mark Bradley
    - A sleep on some people's list. He shined bright on Cheifs Board. Coming on strong he's senior year. He's the type of Explosive player that Trent Green can get the ball to. Being 6'1 running a 4.4 he can stretch the field or come across the middle.

    Soild Draft I thought.. When going by Team Need.
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    I think the Campbell pick to Cleveland was a very good value.
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    Picks 5 through 8 were excellent!
  8. jterrell

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    Best draft by far IMHO.
    A 1st and 2 2nds next year is worth a ton.
    The 5 selections could all start as they not only meet needs but appear to be BP type guys. Jacobs seems to be exactly the FB BP wants and could be a single back as JJ gets rests. This draft sets up everything up for the 3-4. With Shanle and Thornton you get a solid LB group of young LBs to team with Singleton and Dat.
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    I wanted to point out that at #11, DJ and Merriman were both gone. The best value on the board was Pac Man who plays the same position as Henry who we just gave a fat contract to. I felt that trading out was the best option seeing as how Barron would have been the pick otherwise and that this is a deep draft with second and third tier guys.

    You guys watch watch Ruud this year and you'll wonder how this guy slipped to #59.

    Only downside is lack of a WR but it was stretching to grab one plus I feel we can survive with Glenn, Morgan, KJ, etc. for another year. With our picks next year, we put ourselves in position to get almost any WR we want.
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    Although I would have liked to subvert AZ's chances, I put aside my love of all things Dallas, studied AZ's needs and read their (ugh) message board and assumed the Henry/LJ Shelton trade was dead. I traded 95 and 111 for 80 and selected for the Cardinals:

    1st round #8 Cedric Benson RB (Texas)
    2nd round #44 Fabian Washington CB (Nebraska)
    3rd round #75 Stanley Wilson CB (Stanford)
    3rd round #80 CJ Mosley DT (Mizzou)

    All will be immediate starters for AZ and their (ugh) message board liked the picks (especially knowing that Rolle and Webster went before AZ selected at 8 and 44)
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    Avery I understand that those guys were gone, it definately made it tough to stay there. Did you have any other offers? I'm just curious about what options you had.

    I'm not bashing that draft just curious.
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    I picked for the St. Louis Rams, with pressing needs at FS, DE, OT and CB:

    Round 1 (19) Khalif Barnes OT (Washington)
    Rumor has it Rams brass likes Barnes over Jamaal Brown for his upside as a possible successor to LT Orlando Pace. For now, Barnes will replace asshat Kyle Turley at RT and lock down a position that has been an achilies heel for the team in recent years.

    Round 2 (50) Josh Bullocks S (Nebraska)
    Per Martz, the team is targeting a few middle-round "sleepers" at free safety. But Vincent Jackson (who the Rams covet as a red zone target) was gone and need and opportunity merged here. A true ballhawk with good coverage skills, I was told I stole Bullocks from Dallas at #59.

    Round 3 (66) Bryant McFadden CB (Florida State)
    Good value at this pick, with a chance to contribute immediately. I toyed with the idea of going off-plan and taking QB Jason Campbell here (he went one pick later) because it felt like something Martz would do.

    Round 3 (81) Bill Swancutt DE (Oregon State)
    Yes, I know he's strictly a speed rusher, but he's a warrior who dominated at the Senior Bowl and backed up his insane college production. With the Rams, he'll be playing on the same fast track and will be just as difficult to contain.

    Round 4 (117) Lofa Tatupu OLB (USC)
    I did not make the picks in this round due to a prior obligation. I PM'd a list of ordered picks to Avery but they were either not received or not used. Don't know much about Tatupu; I would've taken San Diego St. MLB, Matt McCoy

    Round 4 (134) Joel Dressen TE (Colorado State)
    I like this pick fine, but would've selected Andrew Walter, QB, Arizona State

    I had a fun time with this. I found I was very conservative about considering trades and surprisingly patient in letting targeted players fall to me. Overall, I liked Seattle's draft the best.

    SALADIN Jumper

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    Marlin Jackson CB (Michigan)
    Matt Jones WR (Arkansas)
    Ciatrick Fason RB (Florida)
    Sione Pouha DT (Utah)
    Dan Buenning OG (Wisconsin)

    Great job Cbz ;) , I couldn't have done better myself.
  14. Avery

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    Nope, it was either trade out or take Barron. I chose the former because the draft was deep with talent and also because the picks next year will allow us to do things with trades as well ammo for next year.
  15. Avery

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    We would have taken him if he was on the board, big fan of his. After he dropped out, I was hoping to land Browner but he was picked as well.
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    San Diego Chargers:

    #12: OT Alex Barron, Florida State
    #28: WR Roddy White, UAB
    #61: WR Jerome Mathis, Hampton
    #139: CB Dominique Foxworth, Maryland

    I did decent I say. I think Barron can help shore the O-Line, and we would now have a great offensive line. I also picked two WRs who can be very good. I feel Mathis and White can really help out Brees, and they should both be very good WRs. Foxworth provides depth at CB.
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    I really liked the players you drafted. As I said during the draft, however, given the benefit of knowing the players you wanted, there's a lesson for Jerry in there...
    Free safety is the one position where I feel like you gambled and paid the price. Atogowe could pan out, but Bullocks/Pool/Browner would've been better, and I feel like Dallas HAS to target a top FS in this draft, especially if we are going to trade down for more picks. Agree 100% on Ruud and I love the Blackstock and Jacobs picks.
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    I liked that pick. If Alex Smith, TE wasn't available for the Bears w/ our original 2nd rounder, Washington was going to be my pick. I think he's gonna a very good one, especially w/ the rule changes favoring the WRs.....
  19. Alexander

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    Excellent draft. Good players and choices next year. Outstanding!
  20. 5mics

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    1. Alex Smith - QB, Utah - 6-4, 220
    2. Alex Smith - TE, Stanford - 6-4, 260
    2. Justin Tuck - DE, Notre Dame - 6-5, 265
    4. Claude Terrell - OG, New Mexico - 6-2, 340

    Trading my 1st rounder in 2006 to get Justin Tuck was a BIG gamble on my part BUT I truly feel Tuck is going to be outstanding. My feeling is Justin Tuck = Jason Taylor. Tuck is only a Junior so he's not done growing and developing. My HC is a defensive guy and he's gonna love him. We're going to be an aggressive, attacking unit and even though DL was not a need, I could not pass up Tuck. What also allowed me to go ahead and trade my 1st next year for Tuck was because I got my "franchise type" QB in Alex Smith this year. Remember that Smith is also a Junior so he's not done developing. We're going w/ Grossman this year and letting Smith sit, learn, and develop for this year. Smith has outstanding make-up to be a top-flight QB in this league and I had him rated higher than Aaron Rodgers. Alex Smith (TE) is going to upgrade my TE spot big time. Having signed Muhammad to be our #1 WR, I felt we needed a quality TE to work the intermediate area and serve as a safety blanket for Grossman (and eventually Smith). Smith should open up our vertical, as well as our running game. I think Smith is another Witten in the making. Claude Terrell was picked by Cbz for me (had to work so I asked him to pick for me). I loved the pick, especially coming in the 4th round. I need OL depth and Terrell has the ability to be a quality starter in this league. Coach Smith is going to whip his butt into shape and make him an NFL player. Overall, I believe I had a very good draft. I took a BIG chance but since I'm in the 1st year of a 5-year contract as the Bears GM, I figured I could afford to take chances right now..... :D

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