News: Archer: Allen to join minicamp

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gooch, May 27, 2004.

  1. Gooch

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    Allen to join minicamp
    Guard is running with Cowboys but not lifting weights with them

    08:21 PM CDT on Thursday, May 27, 2004
    BY TODD ARCHER / The Dallas Morning News

    GRAPEVINE – When the Cowboys have their first full-team minicamp of the off-season next week, Larry Allen will be in attendance.

    Allen has been running with his teammates the last few weeks after a meeting with coach Bill Parcells and owner and general manager Jerry Jones. He is not, however, lifting weights with the team.

    Parcells said his meeting with Allen was short but went well.

    "I'm not monitoring [the workouts] that closely, but my strength coach is," Parcells said from the team's annual golf tournament at Cowboys Golf Club, "and he's telling me it's going pretty well. ... I'm hoping it works out. It would be in everybody's best interest."

    Jones said Allen is "working as hard as I've seen him work," and that this is the healthiest he has seen Allen in three years. Allen was slowed last off-season following ankle surgery and was never in top condition during the regular season.

    The Cowboys attempted to trade Allen before the draft, but he nixed a deal to Detroit when he would not restructure his contract.

    "My mentality is that Larry is going to be a significant contributor to our team and our success," Jones said.

    The minicamp, which starts June 5, will be the first organized on-field work for the full team since the playoff loss to Carolina in January.
  2. Jimz31

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    Its the running which increases endurance that he needed to work on anyway. I don't think he has ANY problem as far as strength goes. I'll bet he is still lifting, but it's more maintenance weight lifting instead.
  3. Juke99

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    He had better be working out to improve his mobility as well as his conditioning.

    It's my feeling that when he was doing his 700 lb bench presses that he was basically destroying his flexibility. I always felt that those record lifting bench presses were a prime example of the in mates running the asylum. A strong coach would have put a stop to that non-sense in a hurry.
  4. da_boyz_mk

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    i don't think allen's strength has been a problem at all. it has been his mobilty, conditioning and flexibility. i like that he's running and hopefully that will help him this year.

  5. Smith22

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    I hope this is true. We really need a healthy LA if we are keeping him around. One less thing to worry about along the OL hopefully.
  6. TheHustler

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    no strength training?!?!?!? he's gonna get pushed around!!!

    haha. yeah right. we're going to see the LA of old, not the old LA.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    A healthy AND motivated LA would fix a lot of what ails us.
  8. Sarge

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    No doubt dingleberry :) - it ruined what was almost a perfect career. He looks stiff as a board now when he plays - I'd hate to see him when he's 50 years old.
  9. Nors

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    Its not human to Bench 700 pounds, all his injuries are wear and tear caused by his steroids and excessive weight lifting. He should be doing yoga.
  10. Juke99

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    ******* Campo at the helm.

    Uh, "dingleberry"??? :eek:

    Did you know that word is actually in the dictionary? I was hoping there would be an alternate definition. There wasn't.
  11. Juke99

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    Now THAT would be a sight....LA doing Yoga...
  12. notherbob

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    A healthy AND motivated LA would fix a lot of what ails us.
    Michael S. Winicki

    Agree fully. I'm happy to see him working hard and with a good attitude. Maybe after he builds up a little stamina, he could start working on a program to increase his footspeed. Herschel Walker took up dancing to quicken his feet and balance, maybe Big Larry could do tap or some break dancing or something, though I'm not sure I want to visualize LA doing Irish step dancing like in Riverdance. :)

    How you gonna demand the best from your teammates if you don't give them your best?
  13. slick325

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    I really hope LA returns to form even if he is 75% of the LA of old. His presence elevates Flozell's game, it would make Al Johnson's job easier having a hall of fame veteran there for what is essentially Johnson's rookie season. Furthermore, if LA is indeed in shape and healthy, it allows Johnson to help out on the right side of the line which I consider to be a huge question mark. Will Gurode live up to his potential or continue to be the disappointing player of 2003? Can Peterman and Rogers handle their jobs, if indeed they earn starting jobs? With LA focused and healthy, he and Flozell can handle their assignments one on one, while Johnson can help the RG and Campbell or Witten can chip the LDE before releasing into their routes. We need ya LA!
  14. thor_01

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    i think we will see a LA that is about 90-95% of what we are used to, he has had his manhood challenge and wants to answer the call!!

    on this dancing thing, if LA is tap dancing it is going to be break dancing as well, breaking the floor, the wall plaster, the ceiling....................
  15. Nightshade

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    Flozell, LA and hopefully Al Johnson.

    Looks like Julius might be doing a little running on the left side this year. :D
  16. The Curly One

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    He can not even bend over to get down in the stance! And by the time he gets up the defesive player has blasted past him. You people are saying he has and ankle injury, well why cant he bend over?
    He was one of the best ever and when him and Eric Williams were in good shape man they were good!! Friends, that was long ago and far away and just a distant memory now. Larry Allen is stinking up the place and has been for several years and if you think he is going to get healthy and have a few more good years then you are way off. Not gonna happen!
    Cut him, cut your losses and move on!
    If he plays again watch how you can tell it hurts him to bend over. And then rewind the tape to see the defense man run right past him EVERY down! Totally useless. If I ran the team Larry Allen would have retired, been cut or traded 3 years ago. Curly
  17. big dog cowboy

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    Looks like Juliuis WILL be doing a little running on the left side this year. :D
  18. thor_01

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    you ain't running the team, LA has no back problems if that is what your inferring, or if it is about his weight that goes to being in shape, it is already noted he has lost weight, he is running with the team, let me say that once more in case your ability to read goes hand and foot with your ability to pick players, he has lost weight and is running with the team, neither of those things has he done in two years, so before you call him a bust, lets see what he has left when he is in good enough shape to play football!
  19. The Curly One

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    Those days are long gone. He has been totally useless for three years and I do not see him getting any better. Watch any game from the last three years when the Quarterback gets pressured or sacked or the runningback gets hit behind the line of scrimmage. Rewind the tape and see who it was that missed the block. 9 times out of 10 it is Larry Allen.
    Face it as time goes by they can not perform at the same level. Emmitt will not have 1400 yards this year and Larry Allen will not block anybody.
    What ever runninback we have will get hit behind the line as long as Larry Allen continues to let the defense through.
    What ever Quarterback we have had better be VERY mobile or he will get sacked and pressured causing fumbles interceptions and loss of yards as long as Larry continues to let the defense through unmolested.
    Watch the tapes and see for your self and you can blame it on injurys, moon and the planets in the wrong phaze, his dog had kittens or whatever you want but the fact is Larry Allen can not stop anyone anymore. I do not care what the excuse is he can not perform and needs to move on.
    I am not calling him a bust, he had many very good years. But I am saying now he is totally useless and a detriment to the team. He should have quit while he still had something left instead of waiting until he is an embassarsing shell of his old self. I know it is hard when you realize that it is time for one of your heros to retire but it was time for Larry 3 years ago. We will all reach a point in our lives when we are too old to do certain things whether it is football, sex, driving, sports, and it is not easy to give those things up but it is still time whether you like it or not.
    Just like Emmitt Smith, he is still the greatest but if you think he can still run for 1400 yards this year well you are wrong. It aint gonna happen. You better start working on your excuses now because it is not going to happen.
    As for Larry Allen why agrue with me? Rewind the tape and you tell me who is letting the defense through every play! If it is not Larry Who is it? Well?
    Sometimes people see things with their own eyes and yet only see what they want to. We know that the rest of the offensive line gets too many penalties but the real problem is letting the defense in.
    If Larry Allen is still so great then who is letting the defense in? Simple Question. There is only one correct answer and no excuses. Curly
  20. boss man

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    Allen has been a disappointment the past 2 seasons, so I need to see how he fares in summer camp before I blanketly annoint him as an All Pro OG again.

    Let's hope he has dropped about 30 pounds and gotten some mobility.

    But we all have to admit, 75% of the old dominating Allen is better than 90% of the OG's in this league.

    Let's see how Allen performs in camp before we go to extremes either way.

    Trust Tuna and Warhop to get he best possible OL out there in 2004.

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