News: Archer: Allen to join minicamp

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gooch, May 27, 2004.

  1. BadKarma

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    Its about time he got his fat *** to camp! Hope he's had a decent off-season conditioning program. Instead of working on his strength, he needs to concentrate on getting a little quicker and improve his endurance. :D
  2. DallasKnight

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    Curly, I'm glad you are not running this team. We would never get back to any semblance of Glory with your insights. Cutting LA? Who would you replace him with? Anyone that would be worth a spit? At least make him go to training camp before you cut his HOF fat-***. Now, before you go spouting off at the mouth again. Think real hard, cause you are looking like a fool right now.
  3. big dog cowboy

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  4. The Curly One

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    Yea right! He will never play for another team the Cowboys have held on to him for 3 years too long and nobody else is stupid enough to take him.
    Many years ago he was one of the best. Those days are long gone. Why cant you accept that and move on?
    You never did answer my question.
    Who is letting the defense in if it is not Larry Allen?
    You don't think that is a problem? Curly
  5. novadog

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    That's why Detroit agreed to a deal during the draft huh?
    Thank God you're not running the team you probably would have cut Emmitt after his lackluster season when he played injured.
    Maybe he's not worth the coin they're giving him but he is certainly a lot better than most OLinemen in the NFL and if you can't see that it's unfortunate and we're not watching the same football. Is there another LAllen?
  6. big dog cowboy

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    Well Detroit wanted him and maybe the Raiders.

    He was one of the best. Now healthy (unlike the last couple of seasons) and head on straight he still could be above average.

    The entire line (minus Flo) leaked pretty good last season.

    There are the answers to the 3 issues you raised. Besides coming off like a know it all please realize you could be the one who is wrong.
  7. jdnalls

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    Umm... healthy and motivated are two words that should never be associated with LA.

    Now fat *** and lazy are better terms in which to describe LA.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    Looks like we have a new subject to beat to death until training camp. Maybe this will calm some of the QC flame posts. I would give LA the benefit of proving people he can still be a decent player until he proves otherwise. He was hurt. He was unmotivated. That doesn't mean he is done. Until 2 years ago his track record speaks for itself. Now that he is supposedly healthy and active in the offseason program, that prior track record buys him some time in my book. He may be done. All I am saying is he deserves a break.

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