News: Archer: Camp observations: Dez Bryant to rescue

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    By Todd Archer |

    OXNARD, Calif. – If you’re attending training camp as a fan, you have to stay ready.

    While holding his son, a father was able to hold on to a Tony Romo, but unfortunately the boy took part of the catch off the face. Security took the football back, but Dez Bryant came to the rescue offering the boy an elbow sleeve. Later a ball was given to the boy.

    Bryant, who did not practice because of a sore hip, was in a giving mood. He later gave a fan a pair of his cleats.

    ** The first three team plays of practice are competitive situations. A winner is declared after each play. The offense won two of three Saturday, highlighted by a Tony Romo TD throw in the middle of the end zone to TE Jason Witten just as S Barry Church coming for the hit.

    **With DeMarcus Ware getting a day of rest, Kyle Wilber was a starting defensive end. He had a couple of sacks and was difficult for any linemen to block. With Ben Bass (ankle) not practicing Cameron Sheffield started on the other side.
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