News: Archer: Cowboys' best are still Parcells' guys

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    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- Five years ago Friday, Bill Parcells coached his last game in the NFL.

    The Dallas Cowboys lost 21-20 to the Seattle Seahawks in the wild-card round of the playoffs when a field goal snap slipped through Tony Romo's fingers in the fourth quarter.

    As Parcells sat with the pilots of the team's charter flight back to Dallas that night, he knew he was finished but he did not announce his departure until Jan. 22, 2007.

    Does it seem that long ago?

    "Well, when you get to be my age, they go by pretty quick, so I can't say it seems like it's been that long because it's pretty vivid in my memory," said the 70-year-old Parcells.

    Jason Garrett is the Cowboys' second coach since Parcells resigned. Wade Phillips led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record in 2007 but saw home-field advantage in the NFC slip away in a divisional-round loss to the New York Giants.

    Parcells went on to become the executive vice president of football operations for the Miami Dolphins, then stepped away in 2010 and is working again for ESPN.

    He has replayed his decision to walk away plenty of times.

    While it was not stunning to see Parcells leave, he finally had a quarterback in Romo and a roster of ascending players, which was drilled home the following year with the 13-3 finish.

    "But, you know, there's a certain energy requirement and I can remember the flight back from Seattle, that was such a big disappointment for me because I really thought we had a legitimate chance to do something," Parcells said. "And we were going to play Chicago next, I believe, and thought we had a chance there, too. Of course it was difficult to leave because you love the game and I did like it there in Dallas very much. I got tremendous support from Jerry and Stephen Jones, had a good support staff, the trainers, the weight coaches and the video guys. I got great support there.

    "I'm just sorry it didn't work better all around. We were close there."
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    T.Smith and S.Lee does not approve of the title. :D
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    that is true; but Romo and Ware are still the guys.
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    I know it's early, but you can put Demarco Murray in there also.
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    here we go. First of all...Parcells preferred Merriman over Ware. Not only that, Parcells did NOT want Ware at 11...he wanted Spears. Think about that for a moment. Ware would have NEVER been there at 20...and Spears (who is a bust at #20)...would have been a MAJOR bust at #11.

    Romo is here because of Sean Payton...NOT Parcells. Shannahan offered Romo more money to come to Denver...but Romo felt like he would have had a better chance to catch on in Dallas. And don't forget that if Quincy Carter does not test positive for marijuana, Romo would not even be a Dallas Cowboy.

    I agree Witten and Ratliff are his doing.

    But Julius Jones is also his doing. When you consider the draft picks and cap money we have spent on RBs since drafting Julius quickly realize that passing in Stephen Jackson has cost this franchise dearly. And be clear, Parcells did not think there was much difference in Steven Jackson and Julius Jones. Let that sink in a for a moment.

    So I compeltley agree that Parcells was necessary and really helped put this team on the right track. But he is one of the big reasons we lost to Seattle (he played not to lose)

    I repeat...if Parcells had HIS way...Romo nor Ware would be Dallas Cowbos right now....and I can only imagine where this franchise would be without either!
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    Damn took the words right out of.. They are Parcells guys by coaching only. Especially Romo and Ware. He didn't want either of these guys as much as people like to make it out to be. They act like he groomed these two from day one. No he didn't.
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    all except the picks that BP made that did not pan out such as it was with our OL picks. Those must have been Jerry picks. :laugh2:
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    The only part I took away from this.
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    Not a huge Parcells fan (My Super Bowl victory plan? Hope the other team's kicker misses).

    Gotta agree about Parcells not being particularly instrumental in picking those players. As someone else pointed out though, he did develop them and keep some when others might not have.

    But for a guy who brought 'pet cats' into my vocabulary, he sure did fail a lot with his own pet cats.
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    Maybe, but we never had a stadium with "dancin poles" when Parcells was there.
  11. Doomsday101

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    College fans of Ark and Kansas St. did not have a problem with the stadium. They were very loud. Maybe the problem has more to do with Cowboy fans who sit on their hands.
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    That is correct, we played Seattle not to loose. They had a decimated secondary and were ripe for the taking. The reins were on Romo the whole game. He played not to loose for sure.
  13. Joe Rod

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    :laugh2: Not sure what prob you are referencing. I actually like the dancin poles and the stadium.
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    Of course they are. The nucleus of a team should be players who've been around a few years. I bet most teams best players right now were brought in around that same time. It's a fact of timing.
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    Lack of noise. Some have attributed to things like the Big Screen and the dancing poles yet this only seem to affect Cowboy fans college fans seem to be able to make that place extremely noisy
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    roll my eyes at the BP haters. You can cry and whine all you want but the reason the Boys are a winning franchize rather then a 5-11 joke is BP. He forced Jerruh to make changes.

    As regards the Ware thing.

    Only those with personal axes to grind have ever talked about what happened that day in the war room.

    So we really do not know.

    AND just to remind the ones with convienent memories THIS:

    We were going to the 3-4 and the only 3-4 D Lineman that had a top grade was Spears. so he was very important.

    The only question on the last day was who to pick where. Rumors had Bellicek interested in Spears.

    You can only go with what your scouts say and what you think. ware was picked at 11 and Spears at 20.

    We got both the guys we wanted. AND also NO ONE thought Ware would be the monster he has turned out to be.
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    Excellent post. No amount of spinning will change that reality.
  18. Doomsday101

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    I think BP was a good move for the Cowboys however I don't think he made Jerry change. I think Jerry knew we needed change that is why he hired BP and why he let Lacewell go and hired Irleand to take over even before he hired BP. I'm thankful BP was here and while I don't agree with everything BP did in the big picture we were better off having him than not having him
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    and here you go right on cue with anyone critical of Parcells is a hater. I appreciate Parcells and thought he was necessary at the time. But Parcells is not without his warts..just like Wade wasn't and Garrett isn't. You can point out Parcells mistakes and still appreciate his time here.
  20. Alexander

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    I would say excessive exclamation points and ALL CAPS would note you are more in the "hater" category.

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