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    Ed (Queens Village)

    Who gets into HOF first Witten or Ware?

    Todd Archer
    (12:01 PM)

    Wow, Ed, comes out with a tough one to answer off the bat. I don't know how to answer this one. Based on how I think the HOF works, I think Ware would get in first because of the premium on pass rushers over tight ends. That being said, tell me which guy retires first so the five-year clock starts ticking.

    Travis (Oklahoma)

    Was wondering if we was to take Pryor(S) with our 1st and Donald(dt) slips to the end of the first do you see us maybe trying to trade back in the 1st for him or anyone else who maybe drops?

    Todd Archer
    (12:03 PM)

    I wish I could give you the Cowboys' philosophy on this but it's been all over the board. Sometimes they've traded up and given up picks. Other times they've moved down (perhaps too far) to get more picks. It's an interesting question because you have a coach who is in a win-now mode and an owner in a win-now mode. I would not dismiss it, but this is where a general manager is supposed to have a long-term vision and plan. The Cowboys don't seem to have a plan or one that they stick to long enough anyway.

    Nate (Nacogdoches, TX)

    With all the talk about adding a safety in the first round I feel that yet again we are ignoring the MAJOR issue with our defense..........D Line. Did the Cowboys brass even watch the super bowl. It was not the secondary that won the game, it was the pressure generated by the defense line only giving Manning an average of 2.5-3 seconds every drop back. Getting pressure on the QB turns Claiborne and Carr into Deion and Renfro. Targeting Ed Reynolds (best ballhawking safety in the class and fits our defense) in the 3rd round seems like the better option. The 1st and 2nd round needs to focus on the Line. What say you?

    Todd Archer
    (12:06 PM)

    You must be hearing talk that I'm not hearing as much. I know some mock drafts have the Cowboys taking a safety in the first round but that's because the top-end D-linemen are gone. I'm not reaching for a linemen - or any position - in the first round. I might reach a little bit late but not in the first. Now, I believe in everything you said about improving the defensive line. To me there is no doubt a pressure can make a secondary but a secondary cannot make pressure. Not with the rules the way they are today.

    Casey N (Denver)

    Do you think Ware will end up taking a pay cut?

    Todd Archer
    (12:08 PM)

    Casey, I wrote about the Terrell Suggs' deal in Baltimore as a possible solution for the Cowboys. Suggs was set to count $12.8 million against the Ravens' cap and they found a way to save about $5 million with a reasonable extension. Now that $11 million signing bonus is big and the $16 million guarantee is large, but I wouldn't be opposed to the Cowboys doing something like this. Ware and his agent will have to see what kind of deal they could get on the open market and decide if it is more than what the Cowboys will pay. Somehow, someway I think Ware remains in Dallas.

    Damian [via mobile]

    If Clinton Dix is available do you see the cowboys taking him over dline

    Todd Archer
    (12:09 PM)

    Tell me which defensive linemen are available and tell me how the Cowboys' board looks. I can't give you a clear picture on that right now. Clinton-Dix has some ability. So do Calvin Pryor and Jimmie Ward, who could be a third round pick to watch. Maybe a second. But as I said earlier, I think the best way to improve a defense is with a pass rush.

    joe, lompoc ca [via mobile]

    Will the Cowboys use the 4th round pick to take a qb such as mettenberger or Murray if they're there?

    Todd Archer
    (12:11 PM)

    I can see that. Both guys are coming off injuries. I like the Murray kid better. He had some troubling decision making at times, but, to me, there is some "it" factor there with him. I don't see all of the college football in the world, but I think he might be worth a good gamble in those rounds.

    Denis/Miami [via mobile]

    Would Jonathan Martin be a upgrade from Jeremy Paranell. If brought in.

    Todd Archer
    (12:12 PM)

    Sure, but why would Martin come here? He will look for a starting gig, I would think. He wouldn't start here. Honestly, I'd rather see the Cowboys draft a lineman early and develop him.

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