News: Archer: Cowboys could be a good fit for Collins

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by LaTunaNostra, Apr 29, 2004.

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    Todd Archer: Cowboys could be a good fit for Collins
    04:53 PM CDT on Thursday, April 29, 2004

    Todd Archer
    Inside the Game

    It's been a funny game this off-season.

    When a quarterback becomes available or is rumored to become available, it's assumed the Cowboys will be interested. Let's see, there has been Jeff Garcia, Tim Couch, Vinny Testaverde and now Kerry Collins.

    At every stop this off-season, owner and general manager Jerry Jones has insisted that Quincy Carter is the starter. But the other day Jones said the team would have interest in Collins.


    The connection is obvious. Collins had his best seasons under current assistant head coach Sean Payton. The two have a very strong bond. And Carter, even though he helped the Cowboys to a 10-6 record and a spot in the playoffs last season, does not appear to have a stranglehold on the job.

    If he did, the Cowboys would not have signed Drew Henson to be the quarterback of the future. This much we can guess - Chad Hutchinson's time here is over. He has not been unimpressive in NFL Europe, but he hasn't overwhelmed anybody either.

    The Cowboys have a need for a veteran backup quarterback. Testaverde was believed to be the guy because of his ties to Bill Parcells and his knowledge of the offense. Now comes news that Testaverde might serve as Eli Manning's tutor with the New York Giants. That's if Neil O'Donnell, another quarterback rumored at some point to be a Cowboy, doesn't sign on first.

    Collins, 31, is more intriguing and he views himself as a starter still. That could lead to some interesting locker room happenings. He has also led his team to a Super Bowl and appeared in two NFC championship games. And he has had success in his career vs. Dallas.

    It makes sense for Collins to be interested in joining the Cowboys too. If Henson is the QB of the future, then Collins could use the Cowboys as a steppingstone to a starting job in 2005, like he did with New Orleans after his release from Carolina a few years ago.

    Payton could be offered another head coaching spot in '05 and bring Collins with him.

    With so many starting jobs locked up - and Dennis Green is serious about Josh McCown in Arizona - it makes sense for Collins to find a place he would be most comfortable. He knows a coach. He knows some players. He knows the division. And, like we said, Carter does not exactly have a stranglehold on the job.

    It all makes sense.

    Maybe too much sense to actually happen.

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    Thanks again Herms. I appreciate you always posting the Cowboy plus articles.

    BTW, I love the smiles of our Rookie offensive lineman. Only a mother could love those mugs
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    Nice fit, true... but I bet he becomes a Raider as he could pretty much be guaranteed a starting position there...

    He would have to see that Dallas is interested in Drew full-time come 2005...

    Stranger things have happened... time will tell...
  4. GTaylor

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    Probably already been discussed but if we sign Collins are we going to keep 4 QBs on staff??

    Hutch (Out?)
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    Yeah im sure Collins whos still in the prime of his career wants to come to a team for one year and then go to another team the next . it doesnt make sense for collins or the cowboys

    like I said there fixing to find out about Carter this year and they have henson , dallas is not going to pull the plug on Carter at this point .

    It will not Happen
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    I feel this could be a good match. Collins gets a starting job on high profile team for a reasonable 1 yr contract. He would then be (if he has a good year) a premo QB FA the following year and we get the stepping stone to Henson. If Heson does not pan out, we could get in on the bidding for Collins the following year as well. It appears good for all parties to me and the only real competition for another starting job would appear to be Oakland. This might just happen, I think he has to be better than QC and certainly than CHutch.
  7. Playmaker

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    Take Collins on a 1 yr deal with options...If there is any scenario that allows us to keep 4 QB's I believe that to be the best option (Collins, Carter, Henson, Romo). Hutch is out regardless but if we're forced to cut it to three...see ya Q
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    Thanks Herms very interesting read..........Keep the good reading posted.
  9. LaTunaNostra

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    What site? The DMN? Is tabloid? Not credible?

    It's not the Post or Daily News. :D
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    Here's a scenario good for everyone involved. Let's stop the rumors, get this done Jerry.

    1) Quincy and Allen get traded to Oakland. We get a 2nd, 4th.
    2) Collins signs with us.
    3) Someone steals Hutch's passport.

    It was rumored that Jerry moved up in the draft to take Carter before Oakland, who took Tuiaspsopopoo whoever instead. If that rumor holds any truth, then it would be perfect for both teams. Quincy and Gannon run similar offenses, no problem if one goes down. Quincy is given a fresh start where fans aren't calling for his head at every possible opportunity. Collins get's to show off his skills for a potential suitor next year, while grooming Henson, who has similar style of play. Allen get's his wad of cash, can blow it on steroids and weightlifting equipment, and provide protection for Carter.

    Heck, we might as well throw in Hambrick to Oakland and sign Watters. We could always bring Murrell out of retirement as well.


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    I'm sorry I posted that on the wrong thread. I was reffering to the Profootball talk swebsite. My bad. I will go delete that.
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    id say sign collins to two year deal , keep henson and romo and ship carter out,
  13. Hostile

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    I am beginning to wonder if this will happen. I had my doubts. Now I am not so sure.
  14. Tio

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    Agree with ya there. For awhile i figured we aren't signing any vets at QB,now I have my hopeful doubts...
  15. Jimz31

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    I agree with you.

    I can also see them bringing in KC, and if so, may the better man win. If it's Kerry, fine. If it's QC, fine.

    All of this talk about trading QC is just a bunch of crap, they aren't going to trade him.
  16. jdnalls

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    Main problem with Collins is he wants to be a starter for some years to come and doesn't feel he should be a backup or possible backup.
  17. AlcoholicNinja

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    Sign him to a three-year deal. Have him start this year and next, with Henson coming in for mop up duty in as many games as possible. Have the two of them fight it out to start in 2006.
  18. montgod

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    That sounds about right except I could see Henson starting in the middle of 2005 maybe.

    And in terms of who to keep or dump, I am all for Hutch...taking a hike. Carter may cause issues though if he isn't not sure about him either.

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