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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 31, 2014.

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    IRVING, Texas – The Friday version of the Twitter mailbag is available.

    In it we discuss the draft, the possible return of Josh Brent and the DeMarcus Ware's future. Thanks for the questions, and remember if you want to get involved in the mailbag, follow me on Twitter (@toddarcher) and end your question with #cowboysmail.

    Away we go.


    #cowboysmail Pretty obvious that Boys are going D heavy in Draft. Doesn't that hurt them on Draft Day?

    @toddarcher: Thomas, it shouldn’t. The offense isn’t without need. You can make a case for the line, receiver, running back and a developmental quarterback. This is where a general manager needs to have the big picture in mind and realize you’re not just drafting for 2014, but drafting for 2014-17 and take the roster composition into consideration. I don’t think they will ignore the best player at a position, but I think most ties should go to the defense.


    @toddarcher do staff go back &reevaluate how they drafted, grades assigned players, & y they got it wrong #cowboysmail
    @toddarcher: They should. If you had a scout or a coach who has been consistently wrong about players that turned out poorly or players that turned out to be great, that is how you keep a guy accountable. If there is no repercussion for being wrong, that is a job I’d love to have. The Cowboys do keep this in mind, but I don’t think there is an actual grade sheet or anything like that. What is funny is how successful players suddenly have many fathers in a draft room, and the busts are orphans.

    @toddarcher boys always restructure contracts, push cap hit 2 future. wont it catch up w/ them when huge % tied up in dead $ #cowboysmail

    @toddarcher: I used to wonder the same thing, but, honestly, it doesn’t look like it will ever catch up to the Cowboys or any team. It might prevent you from doing a boat-load of shopping, but that is rarely ever the correct way to go. How the Cowboys manage the cap is not the issue. It's who they dedicate their money to that has gotten them in trouble. It’s all about the personnel evaluation. The Cowboys manage the cap as if they preside over a Super Bowl contender when they haven’t come close to one in a long time. The cap is set to go up in 2016 at a pretty good rate. By then the spending that has hurt them in recent years will largely be off the cap, and they should be in a good position.

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    Defense, defense, and then more defense.......maybe a RG in the 3-4th..........our DL was without a doubt the reason we could not compete defensively last season.
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    So it looks like resigning Dez/Smith shouldn't be too much of a burden with the cap going up considerably in 2016. Ware still needs to take a paycut to match his play value but Romo's contract won't burden this team in the future with the upcoming increase.
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    You have to look at all the players before you pick. You might have a WR a tad bit higher than a DL or CB and take one of the latter if they fit your needs and team better.
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    We definitely need to add defensive line help, but I agree. Just take the best guys and figure out how you can get into position to get the best bang for your buck with each and every pick. We're not going to regret spending a third rounder on offense if the player ends up being another Demarco-Murry type of value there. The cost of whiffing on the wrong pick is just too high, and you can't help yourself that way if you get caught reaching.
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    New rule. No reaching.

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