News: Archer: Cowboys weighing Valley Ranch longevity

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    IRVING, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys moved into their Valley Ranch practice facility in 1985, but like anything, age, size and technology are catching up to it.

    While the Cowboys are not actively looking to leave their practice home, it is a subject that has been broached.

    “We’re always eyes wide open,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. “We’re having to do renovations out there. You never know for sure, but I’d still say right now Valley Ranch is where we are.”

    Cowboys Stadium was not designed to include the possibility of moving the football operations to Arlington, but building a facility near the stadium is an option, like what the New York Giants have next to MetLife Stadium.

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    Just knock the building down and rebuild it. Valley Ranch is an awesome place. When I lived there that was the best thing being right next to Cowboys headquarters and down the street from the stars practice facility. If anyone knows right around the corner was the famous "white house". If anyone is curious my family owned a house on Cowboys parkway and Meredith Ct. I think it would be crazy too move the facility.
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    I hate how this organization is trying to make the stadium the center of attention of everything. Valley Ranch is tradition. If you want a new place just rebuild on that location. I like that area right next to Las Colinas/Irving.

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