News: Archer: Five Wonders: Keep Scandrick starting?

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    By Todd Archer |

    With that quick wonder it’s on to this week’s Five Wonders:

    ** I wonder if the Cowboys will decide to keep Orlando Scandrick in the starting lineup even when Morris Claiborne is back to full strength. Sometimes it is as if a player is born into a role based on draft status, free-agent money or past achievement, but maybe this staff is different. It did not wait a week too long (or multiple weeks too long) to make the switch at safety from Will Allen to J.J. Wilcox. Scandrick has played well in his two starts and will compete to the end. Claiborne was much better against the Rams and that came two days after impressive work in red zone one-on-one drills. His confidence is high. Competition drives everybody. In the end if Scandrick plays well, then Claiborne will know he has to play well to get this job back. That’s the way Jason Garrett should want it.

    ** I wonder if the Cowboys are starting to form some sort of home-field advantage at AT&T Stadium. The $1.2 billion stadium has never been too friendly to the Cowboys. They are just 19-15 now in the regular season (20-15 overall) in the five-year run of the place, but they have won their first two home games in a season for the first time there. They are averaging 33.5 points a game. They have seven takeaways (six against the New York Giants) and nine sacks (six of the Rams’ Sam Bradford). There’s a long way to go and better teams are coming: Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers and teams that should be better than they are, like Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings and Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins. But these first two games are a good start.

    ** I wonder if fans will recognize the Cowboys’ decision to sign safety Barry Church to a contract extension last season even after he tore his Achilles. Whenever Jerry Jones spends his money people are quick to bring up the supposed bad deals (Nate Livings, Jay Ratliff, Doug Free, Roy Williams the safety and Roy Williams the receiver) but never really acknowledge the good ones.

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  2. Future

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    I think it makes sense to keep Scandrick starting considering how important it is for CBs to tackle in this scheme.
  3. Crown Royal

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    Regarding moving OL. I understand the reasons against it and even support it, but I will give an anecdote. My HS won a statechampionship in football in the late 90s when the spread was starting to become a big deal. That said, we ran the ball nearly every single play out of the Delaware Wing T. The one thing we did was rotate the guards and tackles throughout series, so that only the Center played the whole game. We actually ran it like a hockey line, in which you had one team that was really mobile, great at counters and misdirection, another line that was really strong and power based, and a couple of specialty combos. Both units got to play a good amount.

    Each and every playoff game we went into halftime losing by around a TD. Which was fine, because each time we came out in the second half, we just ran the ball down the other team's throats, won TOP (we ALWAYS deferred to get the ball to start the second half) and basically had an OL that just wasn't tired at the end of the game.

    Not saying that this translates AT ALL to the NFL, just something to think about. The OL is the only unit, other than the QB, that generally plays every series without a spell.
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    I thought Scandrick played wonderfully. And his confidence seems to be high. I would have issue if he was kept in the starting line up.
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    That's pretty interesting thanks for that. If you've got the depth to do it why not.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    The Donkeys are coming. They are at least a top 3 team in this league if not #1. Pass that test and I'll believe the Cowboys have the makings of a home field advantage. Because they certainly have not in recent years.
  7. jimnabby

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    All I know is I want Scandrick in the slot against Welker when we play Denver. He (Scandrick) was incredible the last time he went up against Welker.
  8. Future

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    Yea. When we go nickel he just slides inside.
  9. jobberone

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    I think you don't see more rotation on the OL because they have to play as a unit. Learning to play with each other esp with stunts, slides and ZBS takes time. The other reason is you often have a drop off in talent. It's hard to have more than two quality tackles. It's not that easy to have one. Those guys aren't running all over the place for the most part either. You also couldn't run in a mobile interior unit in the NFL because teams are so heavily scouted. I'd love to have 8 early version Larry Allen's out there with two Stepnoski's to rotate at will.
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    If the Cowboys can have a few games like they did against the Rams, bringing in guys like Parnell would help in the long run. A few snaps here and there would be good for the backup olinemen.
  11. Crown Royal

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    I absolutely get the reason why it isn't done, and I am not in ANY WAY saying it should be done.

    BUT, let's say that you have some depth at RG and RT. You have one of each that are really big, powerful, but not mobile. You have another two that are not powerful, but they are shifty, quick, have good leverage, but don't necessarily have strength. Would it be that out to lunch to spell your strong side package on the OL for a series or two and switch to maybe a power run scheme, when your base is zone? And then even run a zone with the power set to keep the team off guard?

    Again, I'm not saying it's even possible, but just a thought. Sure, you give up some of the unit you are talking about, but you are likley going to have to deal with that sometime in the season anyway. Find a way to make it advantageous.

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