News: Archer: Here are six Cowboys to put on your radar screen

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    Todd Archer: Here are six Cowboys to put on your radar screen
    05:02 PM CDT on Thursday, July 1, 2004

    Todd Archer
    Inside the Game

    With training camp approaching, there are plenty of storylines and plenty of players who you want to look at on the field.

    It will be more than interesting at quarterback with the competition between Quincy Carter and Vinny Testaverde. Then there’s the addition of Keyshawn Johnson, the continued growth of Terence Newman and Roy Williams and the addition of Julius Jones at tailback.

    Those are the obvious ones. What about the under-the-radar players, those who could become vital pieces to a Cowboys team that is looking to make the playoffs in back-to-back years?

    Here’s a look at some of them:

    ReShard Lee – Offseasons are difficult to gauge because nothing is done at full speed, but any offseason that includes a hole-in-one is a good one. (Lee aced a 174-yard par-3 hole in May at Tour 18, a course outside Dallas.)

    But seriously, there is something there with the second-year running back. He was doing well during last year’s training camp until an injury forced his release because of numbers. He was brought back to the practice squad after some time in Miami, and the Cowboys are hoping they got a steal.

    He has added muscle to his frame. He has some power and he has wiggle, too. We’re not saying he’s the second coming, but he could develop into a nice back. As it stands, he figures to get the reps behind Julius Jones in training camp.

    Randal Williams
    – He has not caught a pass in three regular seasons with the Cowboys, but he was rewarded with a $350,000 signing bonus this offseason. He is the fastest player on the team now that Joey Galloway is gone. He has improved as a receiver, but his main strength remains as a special teams player. Like Lee, there’s something intriguing with Williams, and he must prove he can handle the fourth spot behind Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn and Antonio Bryant.

    Stephen Peterman – He was a starter on a national championship team at LSU (OK, co-national champs to the Southern Cal fans), and he has the demeanor Parcells likes in linemen. There’s a mean streak. Peterman, a 6-4, 317-pound guard, may not look pretty while he’s doing the job, but he will get the job done. And he won’t quit. Andre Gurode should be wary of this rookie. Cowboys coach Bill Parcells is not afraid to put rookies on the field.

    Al Johnson – Parcells likes this kid’s demeanor, too. Parcells’ great teams have all had excellent centers. Bart Oates with the New York Giants. Dave Wohlabaugh in New England. Kevin Mawae with the Jets. Johnson’s rookie season was wiped out because of an injury to his right knee, but he has regained his strength and weight. He will go into camp as the starter, but he will have to take a few hits before all will be right with his world because he will be thinking of the injury.

    Bradie James – It’s difficult to imagine a player can come out of LSU and not be able to “lift a Kleenex,” as Parcells said earlier this offseason, but James has added bulk to his frame and will be given the chance to take a starting linebacker job from Dexter Coakley. James has the size and speed Parcells likes in linebackers. He will be in a position to make plays, but will it be enough to offset Coakley’s experience?

    Mat McBriar – He came in at the end of last season without much of a peep, even with Toby Gowin’s struggles punting. McBriar, an Australian, has a powerful leg, but he has not kicked in a regular-season game. Like fellow Aussie Darren Bennett, the Pro Bowler in San Diego now in Minnesota, McBriar is allegedly – again, we need to see it in a game – very good at pinning opponents deep in its own territory. He is a former Australian Rules footballer, so he’s tough. He might also have to be Billy Cundiff’s holder.
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    How dare you post something other than a QB debate thread!
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    Yep, Barb's really slipping.

    Must be the work load has gotten to her. :)
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    Everything I read about this kid I just love. I think I am more excited abotu his potential than any lineman in recent memory that we have looked at. This guy could end up being the best center we've ever had.

    (I hope that my hopes in this unproven rookie won't trouble anyone.) ;)
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    I think we should poll the board to get the majority's feelings on the issue.
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    If you're right about that then we would have an All-Pro center. Hope you're right because we would at least have 1/2 the OL covered. Allen will be at least better than average this year. Flo will be at least the same. Actually I expect more of both but we'll see.
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    Me too, TH.

    Everything about him sounds super promising,..from his draft reports to "the trained pig" to his being one of the few who remained behind for more workouts when the team scattered for vacation.

    Bill gettiing some real tough guys together. Good and Nasties.
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    I think this is the first year you see Flozell dominate nearly every game he's in.

    Even Parcells said in a minicamp conference that he thinks that Flozell has the potential to be one of the best LT he's coached.

    With Flozell, Al Johnson and Larry Allen we have to be at least decent. Factor in our draft picks and we have a chance to be above average.

    Here's praying that Larry finally buys into the Parcells Way.
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    Not mentioned in the article, but regarding OL, I am hoping for big things from Torrin Tucker. I know Rogers was drafted, but Tucker looked OK last year and I can only expect better after an offseason of BP conditioning. He has the build to be a terror at RT. Reminds me a bit of Erik Williams.

    The depth on the OL also has the potential to be a team strength.
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    Billy Davis, err Randall Williams, probably won't make it this year.
    3 years and still hasn't made any type of impact at WR other than in practice. Every time I have noticed him on the field as a WR he looked lost. He has the size and speed and he hasn't exactly been playing behind Jerry Rice and Steve Largent since he arrived. We should of seen something, anything, from him by now.
    I think there are too many rookies on the roster who can perform close to his level on special teams and who hold more promise as legitimate WRs.
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    At least Billy Davis caught the ball every now and then. And he had a better hairdresser.

    With that said, Randall has loads of potential. But potential is just that, and nothing more.

    I want to see production on a side of the ball other than special teams.
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    Allen (spelled by Gurode when tired)

    Its time to revamp a ****ty oline
  13. jterrell

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    I think he is at least as good as Step was which is pretty dang good.
  14. Nors

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    Dude is off career threatening injury and never played an NFL down?

    I like his potential but he's not in Steps class YET.
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    But Al hasn't played one down in the NFL. That said there must be something people like about him esp Parcells which is the one who counts. However, he has to prove it. Here's hoping.

    Someone mentioned Tucker and although he didn't remind me of pre-accident Williams he also played pretty darn good. So good you didn't hear his name much even lined up against some Pro Bowl lineman. So I'm hoping he steps it up another notch and someone lights a fire under Gurode. IF all works out we have a good OL.

    So best scenario you could have Pro Bowlers at LT and LG, all rookie at center, and above average to pretty good at RG and RT. That doesn't sound bad. If the center, RG, and RT are all basically rookies watch out. I don't see that though. I think Tucker and Gurode step up and play well enough.

    Also don't forget the OL is a unit not just individuals. I'm hoping they can gel together and I expect them to by at least mid-year. That's the time to step it up and I don't expect them to be out of the playoff picture by then.

    I think QC will have a good year with Key and a better OL. The running game has to be better. It would take a lot for it to be worse IMO. If CB works out this team could be significantly better than last year. They've had one year with the same coaches and schemes.

    For the upteenth time if this offense can average 25+ points a game look out everyone.

    Think big.
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    Is even if never plays another snap he was still better than clay shiver


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