Archer: Insiders not high on Cowboys' work so far

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Mar 27, 2014.

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    Bingo. the same ones who were so happy that Jerry fired Rob Ryan and hired Kiffin. how did that Jerry decision work out for you?
  2. Double Trouble

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    No, "bad at their jobs" are the Cowboys front office and coaching staff.

    Goofballs in this thread can claim bias and all that other nonsense, but almost 20 years of failure speaks volumes. Homers can try to rationalize this issue and that problem and their bias all you want. You can't reason away the final standings year after year and one playoff win since 1996.

    Anyone who hasn't been negative of Dallas since the mid-90s has been wrong. Stupidly wrong. Whether they work for ESPN, DMN, or are just a random internet message board poster.
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    I see ESPN as business first. One that just so happens to deal with sports. They know full well that Controversy Creates Cash. And that's how they and anyone they hire operate.

    When TO did his sit-ups in the driveway, it changed the way sports is covered.
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  4. Hostile

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    I don't think the final chapter has been written, so any answer I give would be incomplete. Unlike some I don't pretend to see the future and all kinds of doom and gloom. No one can call me Nostra*******.
  5. TheCount

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    You don't think the final answer for Kiffin has been written? Pretty sure that ship has sailed.
  6. Mansta54

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    Well, we know you will definitely defend anybody who belittles the Boyz. That's a given!!
  7. 17yearsandcounting

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    Da big bad meeeeeeja cant see the brilliance in us signing a record label CEO and a guy that has 12 career tackles. How dare they!!
  8. Hostile

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    He's not on this team anymore? News to me.
  9. manster4ever

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    Quit crying are too good of a poster, fan and guy to go down this road. I am in the majority you described: liked not overpaying for vets like Peppers, Allen and Ware. I didn't even want to sign Melton until I saw how cap friendly it was. I want to strip it ALL down and go young. That still stands. Who CARES what the BSPN 'Insiders' give us for a free agent grade? I consider a 'D' from those clowns a compliment honestly. We need to rebuild this team once and for ALL. Go young, draft well and get back to the way we built teams in the early 90's. It's possible JJ has seen the error of his ways the last 17 years. Fingers crossed, but so far so good this off season.
  10. Fredd

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    we are not yet better for 2014, we are certainly better in 2015 and beyond at the moment (on potential)

    the mediots will give us a poor grade even though we are likely like our record and in the middle (a C grade)...but, if they say C, then they get no controversy and no "hits" on their site...

    The Cowboys do sell....but they sell better if we get and F or an A than if we get a C
  11. Chris in Arizona

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    The grades are meaningless in reality but they are based on what the teams have done so far. Saying the Cowboys get an "incomplete" is a lazy excuse and could be said for every team. As far as what we have done so far, we deserve a low grade. We ran out and signed two journeymen on the second day of free agency. We signed a third one really but then changed our minds. We also signed a third-string quarterback who isn't exactly young despite being drafted just 2 years ago. These are horrible moves but with a team who has so many holes and keeps missing the playoffs, they hardly qualify as difference makers. It has nothing to do with who spends the most money. It's all about whether or not you have used the off-season, up until this point, to better your team. Melton, a very good signing IMO, does accomplish that some but if you factor in the release of DeMarcus Ware, it's not quite a wash.

    We will use the draft to address some of those many holes. Guess what? Every team gets to draft. We have hardly proven ourselves as accomplished draft gurus, with way more misses than hits, despite whatever rainbow polish certain posters will run in with their overwhelming need to defend every move this team makes.

    Did this team use free agency to improve from last year's team? Not really. Is Jeremy Mincey, Terrell McClain, Brandon Weeden, and Henry Melton minus DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher, and Miles Austin make this team better than 8-8? Not on paper and that's what these grades are based on. The grade seems both accurate and fair.
  12. Chris in Arizona

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    This appears to be very true and if Jerry made these moves with 2015 in mind, I applaud him. He has not shown that kind of insight and/or patience with the roster before.
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  13. Fredd

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    couldn't agree more...that's why I stand by statement in another thread that I am done basking Jones for appears that he is trying to run the team the right way
  14. Chris in Arizona

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    Should have read These aren't horrible moves.

    Too late for me to edit unless a Mod can fix it for me ?
  15. TheDallasDon

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    Gotta make that $$$ BSPN........Not liking the Cowboys is trending. They get hits from all you negtive nancys......enjoy the read!!!!
  16. bkight13

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    12m under the cap AFTER signing, that is cap must love being wrong
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  17. rpntex

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    I'd go with "want to" here, for the simple fact that the Cowboys could clear another $16-20M with by restructuring a couple or three more contracts.
  18. Idgit

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    Are there really posters who can't separate the concepts of the Dallas Cowboys being bad during a period of time from the concept of ESPN writers who cover the Cowboys also being bad during that same period of time? These two notions aren't correlated. You can be largely negative on a topic that merits negativity and still not do your job well. They're not thermometers; they're journalists.

    Some of this stuff really should not be this hard, people.
  19. bkight13

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    I think we are a lot better this year. Selvie already passed Ware's production. Melton is better than Hatcher. Crawford, Bass, Mincey and McClain are better than Hayden and the guys we ran out there last year. Add a DT and a DE early in the draft and they are almost completely rebuilt in one offseason.
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  20. MichaelWinicki

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    It's ridiculous how fast fans are to label a player a "failure".
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