News: Archer:No-huddle uneasiness is what drew Henson back to football

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    No-huddle uneasiness is what drew Henson back to football
    Quarterback missed being the player that everyone looked to


    Milton Hinnant / DMN
    Rookies Julius Jones (21) and Drew Henson (11) are in the running to get playing time for the Cowboys this season.

    11:44 PM CDT on Saturday, May 1, 2004

    By TODD ARCHER / The Dallas Morning News

    IRVING – Drew Henson missed the attention. No, not from the media – that's something he hasn't been able to escape since his freshman year in high school – but from the 10 players staring back at him in a huddle.

    He missed being the player others expected to lead through difficult times. He missed that play-to-play pressure of football that you don't get in baseball.

    "It's a special feeling you get being a quarterback," Henson said. "Getting to be a leader and having the ball in your hands and being involved in every play, that's something playing third base you don't get. Not having that, I realized I missed it and needed it."

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    For the last two days at the Cowboys' rookie minicamp, Henson has that feeling again, even though it's only May and most of the people in the huddle won't make the final roster.

    This has been Henson's first on-field football action with a team since giving up a promising career at Michigan for a $17 million contract from the New York Yankees in 2001, and it gives the Cowboys their first chance to see why they gave Henson a guaranteed $3.5 million contract and Houston a 2005 third-round draft pick.

    Judging the actions in a rookie minicamp are fruitless, but, at times, Henson has flashed the potential that some thought could make him a No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft before baseball and the effects of a three-year layoff.

    "For a lot of it, I forgot it's been three seasons," Henson said. "When you do something long enough, in a sense it's like riding a bike. It's not going to come back in a day, but a lot of things are going to come back without me consciously remembering it."

    Since coming to Dallas in March, Henson has:

    • Taken part in the off-season conditioning program.

    "He is not used to the training regimen from the weight standpoint of what we're putting him through right now," coach Bill Parcells said.

    • Spent hours upon hours with assistant head coach Sean Payton watching film and going over mechanics.

    "We've got a young guy who's been away from it for a while, but he's got athletic ability," Payton said. "He's got the arm strength that you hope can carry over to the field. We'll just wait and see what happens."

    • And found a place to live.

    "It's nice to get out of the hotel," Henson said, "and have a place to go home to."

    Parcells would not rule out Henson playing this season, even though Quincy Carter has an obvious head start. Neither would Jerry Jones. And neither does Henson.

    "Whether you're the No. 1 guy or the No. 3 guy, you have to prepare like you're going to play," Henson said. "Strange things can happen."

    That's a discussion, really, for another day. Right now, Henson doesn't have a star on the side of his helmet, like every other rookie, nor does he have his own locker.

    The questions will continue to be answered as the off-season continues. There's the June minicamp with all the veterans, then training camp in Oxnard, Calif., starting on July 30, and four preseason games.

    "I'm treating him like any young player," Parcells said. "We'll bring him along as fast as we can."

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    Look at that great running form by Julius. Looks like he could be the next Tony Dorsett. Henson looks good too. I bet we see Parcells add the option next season.
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    Is that Jacob Rogers in the background wearing #79?
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    LOL , thats too funny :D
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    He likes command of the huddle.

    "Is this heaven?"

    "No, it's Iowa."

    "Strange, I thought it was heaven."
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    not to sound like a skeptic, but all this hype about Henson Ive heard before, on Carter, Hutch and even Romo. At this point, I'd like to see some production and signs of brilliance before i get all excited. sorry.

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