News: Archer: Revisiting Shariff Floyd and Frederick/Williams selections

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 29, 2013.

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    • I wonder how much attention Sharrif Floyd will receive on Sunday. If you can rewind the clocks to last April, Floyd was the apple of many draftnik’s eyes and could not believe the Cowboys’ good fortune to see him there at No. 18 in the first round. The Cowboys had Floyd ranked on their draft board in the top five but when push came to shove Rod Marinelli just didn’t see enough pass rush to make Floyd worth it. If that was their reasoning, fine, but Floyd should not have been so high on the draft board. The Cowboys elected to trade down with San Francisco and eventually took Travis Frederick with the 31st overall pick. They also picked up an extra third-round pick in the deal and were able to select Terrance Williams. The process might have been flawed, but the results have been favorable so far. Frederick has been terrific and Williams has a touchdown catch in four straight games. Floyd has five tackles and 1.5 sacks for the Vikings.
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    Either you trust your board, or find somebody else to produce a better board.
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    Week 9 and we're still talking about the draft..SMH
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    or it could have been a fake board.... just kidding, but I didn't want Floyd I wanted - Star, but I didn't mind going center and trading down.
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    Who says they didn't trust their board? Not trusting your board would mean passing on Floyd and picking a lower rated player at that spot. They did not do that. They traded down and picked up additional value. That means they liked the value of the two picks they got back more than Floyd. That's not very hard to understand and has nothing to do with trusting your board. You do realize that every single time every single team has ever traded down for additional picks, they passed on the highest rated player on their board. So what's different about it when Jerry does it?
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    At least we are talking about last year's draft (2013) and not yet talking about this years draft (2014) after 8 weeks.:)
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    Floyd was a extremely talented underachiever in college. Glad they didn't take him.

    The thought was they didn't get enough for trading down, but Frederick and Williams look like long time core players, so it's worked out great. Escobar needs to be impactful next season.
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    Well to be fair, it's only talking point because they play Minny.
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    I have a feeling Fredrick is aware of this if not maybe someone will remind him right before the game.
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    Let's be careful here. We were picking at #18. If you believe the leaked draft board, we had the following players ranked as 1st-rounders and available to us:

    5. Floyd
    11. Rhodes
    13. Patterson
    15. Eifert
    17. Werner

    It's hard to argue that Floyd wasn't a perfect match to a position of need. By trading down, we passed up on the #5 player on our board (and all other first-rounders on our board) and ended up getting our #22 and #23 players (we were probably assured of getting Frederick, but there was no guarantee we'd get Williams the way we played it, so there's risk too). Going by the old trade value chart (I don't have a better way to value this), that's a 10% loss. And just in general, when your #5 player falls to you at #18 AND fits a need, you take him unless you're completely blown away by a trade offer. And that was not a mind-blowing offer. I can't imagine that they made this move based purely on their board and the values they saw.

    I think it was a little bit of panic about all the OL flying off the board and a little bit of Kiffin/Marinelli being new coaches with a new scheme who weren't quite in perfect synch yet with the scouts yet. And so they were a little softer on Floyd than they normally would be on their #5 player, and they were a little desperate, and so a team that has been really good lately about drafting their board bent their rules. And I think they got lucky about how well it worked out. And I also think it will prove to be the exception rather than the rule: we followed our board very closely the rest of the way and I expect we'll be back to that next year.
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    Fred can silence any remaining haters when he shuts down Floyd on the few snaps Floyd will get.
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    I guess Archer isn't totally useless.
  14. silver

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    In other words they didn't like Floyd but they still rated him as the 5th best available player in our board. That doesn't make any sense. If you don't like the player you rate him accordingly.
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    Well, there is the data to substantiate the positioning.... but with the clamor of needing O-Line help versus switch to 4-3; it made more sense to work on the O-Line. Also the departure of O-tree - and seeing TW available - things worked out for the 'Boys. (Of course all here have the advantage of hindsight - and perfect vision!)
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    Just as Randy Moss was linked to Greg Ellis, we will marinate over this for at least the next 10 years.
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    the Escobar pick is the baffling one!
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    It also could have been why is a #5 guy free falling through the 1st round. He got drafted 23rd when many experts had him top 5. So besides the cowboys 22 other teams passed on a guy the is better suited for 3-4 DE.
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    Or you take two guys on your board who have a greater sum than 1 guy, even if he's ranked higher.
  20. Sarge

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    If it was up to Garrett we would have Floyd.
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